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When organizations go through economic malaise, they are obliged to make reforms so they can get a financial balance. This change means that the company will decrease the inputs and raw materials as well as employees.
These adjustments cause discomfort to workers, but it is vital for the company to continue operating. At least, 14 days previous to the application of the decisions, the employees have the right to receive a letter which transmits all the reasons for its dismissal.
In this article we will give two examples of letters of termination due to restructuring.
Model Number 1 of a job termination letter :
Buenos Aires, November 8th, 2012
Human Resources Area
The Cherry Avenue No 5643
Phone 43267890
Vigil Alexander Doig
Av Nazarenas No 2295
Tel 324567853
Dear Mr. Vigil:
Through this letter MUNRAYS COMPANY SA Company communicates:
For the aggressive reduction of our sales in the last six months, our institution has been forced to reform and cut staff.
At this time the company shows a surplus of staff, that including all the areas, sum a total of 30%, therefore we have decided to shorten the staff and with this strategy we will be reducing the cost of the company.
We are very sorry to inform you that in 14 days we will dispense with your services, but this decision is not forever, because if MUNRAYS COMPANY SA achieves to make new agreements with other companies, we will require the need for your services and we will ask you to return again, if you agree.
So you can start looking for another job, and if it took the case you need labor constancy please ask for it in Human Resources office, during the time of work.
Model No. 2 of a job termination letter:
La Paz October 23rd, 2012
HR Office
4325 The Wall Avenue
Phone 43267819
Dora Vela Brusel
Av Las Begonias n ° 6524
Tel 762453690
Dear Ms. Vela:
Through this letter the company AKARI SA informs that:
In these moments AKARI SA, can no longer deal with very serious financial problems. Given that we have been facing this dilemma the last past five years, we have decided to cut our staff and thereby reduce our expenses and save our economy.
Within fourteen days we will apply a downsize, for that reason we inform you that you are not on the list of those employees which working contract is going to be renewed, we are very sorry to inform that decision, however we feel obliged to take this radical decision.
This determination we have made become very complicated to us and that is because we really want this company to recover the success of its earlier years.
We ask you to understand and if you need any job constancy you can approach to Human Resources Office, there will help you.
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