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When we are candidates for a job, many people as well as we want to get the vacant jobs. That is because in order to keep a job position we must do the best we can to achieve it successfully.
The development of an adequate curriculum vitae is important because it is a document that support our capabilities as employment certificates, to attach copies of diplomas and recommendations from our previous work are helpful, but more than that, you should clear up how important is for you to get this job title presenting yourself to the right person for the job.
Our advice is to prepare a letter of presentation. This letter will give your presentation to all companies in which you want to work. In this article we will show you two examples of templates letter to get a job.
Example Number 1 of a letter to apply for a job:
Lima, February 2, 2012
Jose Castillo Sanchez
Flowers Ave No 2458
Tel 556 435
Garzon Avenue 4552
Tel 85274455
To whom it may concern:
Through this letter I Joseph Sanchez Castillo, graduated in business administration, having applied my career knowledge for three years in various companies in the capital, I would like to belong to a prestigious company.
One of the reasons why I like to be part of the company as an administrator is that this company is leading the market in the whole country. Also I can assure you that if stayed on as manager for the job, I commit with a job leading by efficiency for the benefit of the company and learn more about the management of a textile company.
My three years working in other companies have helped me to prepare for taking responsibilities on different jobs throughout my career.
Wishing you to give me the opportunity to work in this prestigious company, give you my word that I will work hard and be very professional in each of the tasks assigned to me.
I attach my CV with work records for your verification.
Jose Castillo Sanchez
Business manager
Example No. 2 of a letter to apply for a job:
Guayaquil May 9, 2012
Jaime Gonzalez Meza
Conquistadores Avenue No 7412
Tel 85412554
ECUAMETAL S.A – Steel Structures
North Urdeza Avenue No 2458
Tel 64515644564
To whom it may concern:
Through this letter I, Jaime Gonzalez Meza, industrial machine operator have more than three years of experience in the market, so I want to express my wills to be part of the man force of such a prestigious company, like ECUAMETAL SA.
My last job ended a few weeks ago and I am currently looking for new job opportunities in the market. The main reason why I like to join this company is because I need a job where I can make contact with machinery that has the latest technology, which we used for such industrial mechanisms.
In the last three years I have realize about the importance of team work and its effective results, as well as the importance of the constantly upgrade regarding to my career.
In this letter I am attaching my CV, where there are all information, certified work and my University professional certifications.
Jaime Gonzalez Meza
Industrial machinery operator
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