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When students enter the workforce need to do pre-professional training which are known as internships. Such practices help the graduate to learn more about his work area and learn how this works.
Students who are about to finish his college career must certify these internships in order to receive their degree.
If you want to make your pre professional practice at some company, you should know how to do the internship application, so you get better chance of meeting your goal in life.
In this article we will give two templates for the pre professional practice application.
Model Number 1 of an internship application letter:
Lima, January 17th, 2012
Cesar Garcia Perez
Gulls Av 2546
Tel 548492325
Gardens Avenue No 4587
Tel 87128575
To whom it may concern:
With this in mind, I, Cesar Garcia Perez student of the sixth cycle of business administration at the University of Santa Patricia, I want to inform to you all the following.
In his final year of studies in Business Administration, it urges me to perform the pre-professional practices to give me skills and abilities in the workplace; I can also evaluate and learn more about my career.
Therefore, I asked you to give me some time of internship in your company so I can complete requirements and then my title. This internship will be evaluated by university officials who will be in charge of my internship, they will evaluate my performance and attitudes, and may you please give reference about me.
Needless to say something else that you can grant me such an important experience in this internship, I take leave of you cordially.
Cesar Garcia Perez
Student of Business Administration
Universidad Santa Patricia
Model No. 2 of an internship application letter:
Caracas June 2nd, 2012
Fabio Torres Samaniego
La Recoleta Avenue n ° 3006
Tel 8744946554
Mary Help Hospital
Chestnuts avenue No 8214
Tel 5848479431
To whom it may concern:
Through this letter, I, Fabio Torres Samaniego, student nursing career at the University ProSalud, I present to you the following.
Since I am in the final year of my college, I turn to you to ask for my pre-professional. The goal of these practices is to learn and gain knowledge and skills during my last years of studies.
I request to the authorities of this renowned hospital that can give me the opportunity to work as a practitioner in your workplace. My work at the hospital will be supervised by the University authorities which I belong, who will evaluate whether or not I am able to graduate as a nurse.
This internship is of vital importance to my professional and personal growth, it’s why I sincerely beg you can give me that opportunity. If the case becomes I grant to you my good work and all my wills to learn and be a professional.
I appreciate the attention given to this missive
Fabio Torres Samaniego.
Nursing student
University ProSalud
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