Good Bye Letter When It Is Finished A Relationship

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When you end a relationship, you go through a nasty moment, a moment at which you wish you had not come, but in some circumstances, for those things in life, sometimes it is impossible. How to tell that one who was your great love that you will stay away and you expect from heart that him or her would have a great life.

It is very difficult, if it is true, but do not worry, because today, the internet gives you the solution. If you do not know what to write to that special person as a farewell at the end of your relationship, in this section you will find the right words for the moment. Check out and feel free to send it to your ex as a personal letter.

Free sample of a letter at the end of a relationship:

(Name of the person to whom it is addressed)

On this occasion, I would say that the time we spent together it’s been a really valuable time for me, a time in which we share laughs, cheers, songs and more, that will remain forever etched in our hearts.

However, some drawbacks have been notorious resenting us for a while, and I suspect that they have made the situation very uncomfortable for you as it has been for me. I have felt these last days that you are somewhat away from me, and I really would like to clarify some things.

I am indebted in any way, but neither would I like to be a negative aspect in your life, and I have noticed that certain things of me make you feel overwhelmed. You’re a great person and I always wanted your happiness, but I feel obliged to say sorry perhaps I could not give you what you expected.

There are so many forms of love that you have shown, however, I feel that you have confused the true meaning of love. You are someone very special in my life, I really love you and I’ll always do it.

It is necessary be very direct and tell you that I think the best thing we can do for now is give us time and we both think about our relationship and the life and later start something new with a more solid foundation. Honestly I feel we need this short time.

Please, please do not get upset by this decision I have made, I will turn away for a few days to glimpse the picture otherwise. Remember that we are adults and my only intention is that we both could be happy, together or separately, but happy as it should be.

Farewell then, with affection


As you know, it is not easy to end a relationship and tell that person that you will not be longer with her. Always be sincere, respectful, and above all optimistic. If it did not work with a particular person, surely there is someone else out there waiting for you.

We wish you the best in your life, and we really hope that this little missive would help you a lot if you are in a love situation like this one. Remember that after the storm always come the calm. Until next time!

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