Sample Of A Congratulations Letter For Achievements

tips for writing a congratulations letter for achievements, congratulations letter for achievementsLetter of congratulations for achievements

Rarely is seen that companies use this strategy, but it is motivating employees towards performing a good job to improve the performance of the company. One form of motivation is to write a letter of congratulations on the achievements made during a period of time.

Feel free to send a well-deserved congratulation to that excellent employee who has managed to maintain the production of the company and even make this better. Here you will find a congratulations letter example you can use to send such recognition.

Sample of a congratulations Letter for achievements:

(Place and date)

(Name of the employee to whom the letter is addressed)
(Position or occupation in the company)

Dear Mr. (Name of employee)

We write to you, through this letter in order to thank you for the work which has been assigned and done in such an organized and optimal way that has shown certain skills and professional virtues. We also wish to congratulate you for the achievement of increase production obtained. Your commitment to the company makes us realize that we have in you to a trustworthy employee.

Achieving our goals would not have been possible without the dedication you put in your work and without the patience with which you have prepared your activities development plan.

Again, please accept our heartfelt congratulations for the achievements you have obtain, the management and all the company congratulate you as your work has helped in the evolution of the company.

Best Regards,

(Name of CEO)
General Manager

When a good employee receives recognition like the one shown here, he feels eager to work, and in a way, he is obliged to continue to let the company name on high, because it is very necessary to lift spirits and spread motivations among anyone who put his efforts in the work of the company. A good boss will be remembered and respected by the confidence given to his employees; this would serve you as advice.

You know, a letter of recognition, valuing the effort of a good worker motivate him and make him feel good about having put so much effort into his work. We have all kinds of advice, love quotes, birthday messages, wedding congratulations, tips for a job interview, tips for many other things and sample letters of all kinds, so stay connected to the web. Surf in our website. We hope you come back very soon.

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