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Everything has a beginning and an end in this life and nobody can change that. For good or bad, death exists and we’ll all face it at any point of our lives. When someone close to you dies, you feel sad and you wish it wouldn’t have happened but the time and your loved ones support will help you to overcome this sad moment.

What should I say if one of my friends loss a relative recently? We suggest you to give him/her your condolences. In this article you’ll find a list of condolences quotes after a relative’s death. Use these quotes to give your deep condolences and to calm a little bit your friend’s sadness.

Free list of condolences phrases:

– “Your father was a person who taught you that personal values are more important than money and he also told you that sadness doesn’t last forever, my condolences dear friend, just remember that he is now with God”
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– “During the years he was in this world, he showed you that he was a generous brother, even though he made mistakes, he was a good man; now he’s looking to you from heaven and taking care of you”
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– “The destiny wanted your mother to be in heaven and now it’s time to show all the things you learned from her, fight for your dreams and do what your heart dictates, do it and she’ll feel satisfy for you”
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– “I knew you loved your grandfather as your real father and I realize how you’re feeling now, calm down and understand that sometimes the death is the only way to stop feeling pain, now your grandfather is resting in peace”
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– “Your uncle loved you as one of his own sons, feel happy to had the opportunity to lived with him and learned a lot of things together, he’s not longer in this world but he’ll live forever inside of your heart”
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– “Your grandmother closed her eyes forever, while she was in this world she always loved you and did all to see you happy, she loved you more than her own daughters, remember her as an angel of love”
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– “I met your sister and I know you had a good relationship with her, the death separated both and now she is a paradise, I know it’s difficult for you to stop crying but you should know that she’ll guide your steps to happiness”
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– “It’s sad to know that your father is dead; I’m sure his spirit is in peace because you are the kind of person who always made him feel proud”
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– “It’s a hard moment for you and your family and I give you my sincere condolences, God bless your sister forever”
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We hope these condolences quotes after a relative’s death will help you to give peace and quietness to the one who lost a close and dear relative.

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