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Nowadays there is a trend or fashion imposed to download all kinds of applications for Smartphones.
All trademarks on the market have on their mobile devices all applications for systems Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, it is also possible to download additional among countless other applications via Internet.
In terms of applications for instant messaging on smartphones, have been the most popular BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger and thanks to them, millions of people around the world have sent their messages for a long time, but today we will talk about an application that will allow you to send instant messages, make calls and text messages to other phones for free.
This program is called Viber and then we will tell you what its benefits are.
Viber can be used if you have an iPhone, a Blackberry or any other smartphone operating system Android or Windows Mobile. Once you have it installed you can use it to make calls and send text messages free of charge to all your family and friends who have installed the same application on their phones. Additionally from version 2.2, Viber allows you can chat in groups.
Share your photos
When you use Viber, you can also share all the pictures you have on your phone; even take a picture and send it instantly to any of your contacts. You can place some text below each photo and select multiple contacts at the same time for them to receive it simultaneously.
Share your location
Another of the novelties which Viber brings is the ability to use the GPS on your current phone or internet connection you’re using to find your location and send to your friends. So they will know exactly where you might find.
Use your list of contacts stored on your phone to call them without running Viber. Remember, to make or receive a call through this application is almost like when you do a normal call.
When you use Viber you can also use a lot of emoticons that are available when you submit your posts.
With Viber also hold a record that stores information for incoming and outgoing calls from your phone. So it will be possible to manage your calls, see who called you and review your chats.
You can use this program from anywhere in the world to communicate with anyone and do not need to sign contracts with cell phone companies, so feel free to call and chat without any restrictions.
Easy to use
Viber is a program that provides many services yet very easy to use and does not matter if your phone is touch or not.
Completely free
This application is available in the App Store and Google Play without any price. And of course you make calls and send messages that will not charge.
With all the advantages that Viber offers you and nobody will not hesitate to download and install on their phone, you will see that you will save a lot of money and spend very good times with your friends.
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