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cell phones tips, cell phones advices, cell phones ideasBenefits of using BlackBerry Messenger

The smart phones simplify our life. Currently we don’t only use them to make calls or send text messages; they are also useful for accessing to the Internet, conducting our email accounts, Facebook and Twitter and download a number of applications with all kinds of utilities.
For instance in the BlackBerry phone, there is an application called BlackBerry Messenger, with which we can maintain an unlimited communication via instant messages. Then we present what are the benefits of using BlackBerry Messenger.
It’s simple to add your contacts to BlackBerry Messenger, when you send an invitation, you are really asking for their PIN of your new contact and as soon as he accept it, you send and receive all the instant messages you want and totally free. You can also scan the bar code of a mobile to add it to your contacts.
Use the contacts on your list and make different groups to chat with several buddies simultaneously. This is ideal for those people who form work teams as it facilitate the communication making it more agile.
In BlackBerry Messenger you also have a profile that can be modified to always keep up to date with your favorite images and states which you want to share. You can choose different color combinations, emoticons and symbols.
Share your files
It complements the use of your BlackBerry Messenger chat, sharing photos, videos, or even you are able to record a voice message and send it. You have a good bandwidth to send photos and videos with good resolution.
Use BlackBerry Messenger safely because you will find confidentiality protection and data encryption offers. So you should not fear others from using your information.
BlackBerry teams have a GPS which lets you know your location and send to your friends and family. If you want to meet your friends can send your location to know where you are and how they can get to you.
BlackBerry Messenger coverage is global, so you will not have borders which avoids you to communicate with your friends and loved ones. It also makes you save money avoiding you expensive calls and SMS and feel free to express yourself.
This is one advantage that BlackBerry Messenger brings for you because once you have sent a message and your contact you have received on your phone, letter d will tell you that it has been received and when your contact know they can read the message because a letter r appears.
To start using BlackBerry Messenger need 3MB of free memory and a data plan wireless service. If you want further information about this application, you can enter the site
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