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When a couple of lovers get married and start a life together, their greatest wish is to form a home and to have children. At the time that the spouses learn they are going to be parents, they feel a great joy and become very excited because they will receive the fruit of their love.

The birth of the first child is a very special event for parents and other family members. It is a great blessing that God sends to their home and so they all feel a great happiness.

If you are looking for some congratulations on the arrival of a baby, we present you with a list of nice greetings up ahead. Take a look.

Free list of New born greetings:

– “Today we are very excited because this baby has come to this world to fill us with joy. I know you two will be great parents and so I wish you all the best. Many congratulations! “
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– “On this special day, this this little angel has come into your lives to make you happy. God bless you and help you in your new role as parents so that everything goes well in this new phase of your lives. I send you all a big hug. “
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– “I send you many greetings dear friends for this beautiful baby who has come into your lives. From now on everything will be different for you as you will become the reason of its existence. Be very happy.”
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– “The birth of a baby is a very special event, all of your loved ones feel a great emotion. May you be very happy with this little angel who has come down from heaven. “
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– “The arrival of a baby is a synonym of excitement and joy. Parents have a big responsibility but the love you have for your child will lead you to give the best for its welfare. “
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– “The birth of a baby is a great miracle of life. He deserves all the care you can give him as he is a pure and defenseless being. Be happy and inspire your son to be a better person every day. “
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– “To witness the birth of a baby is to witness the miracle of life. That being is who will fill with great joy the lives of its parents. “
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– “A few days ago you were blessed to receive in your arms your beautiful baby girl. God has sent her to you to be the light of your life and that of your family. May you enjoy her the most you can this new stage in your life. “
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– “There is nothing tenderer in this world than seeing a baby in the arms of its mother. That great love is the purest of all for nothing and no one can end up with that feeling. “
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– “Inside your belly began to grow the fruit of love between you and your husband. Now that your baby has been born and you know what it means to be a mother, many beautiful emotions have invaded your heart. Starting today, the most important thing of your life will be to take care of your daughter. “
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– “We wait for your baby’s arrival with enthusiasm. Today that she has been born, she is a great blessing for all of us because she has brought us much joy and we know that in the future many special moments wait for us. God bless her parents for them to raise her with much love and tenderness. “
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– “Becoming a mother is the best thing that can happen to a woman as God sends one of its angels for women to carry in their belly and to take care of them at birth.”
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Some of these greetings for the birth of a baby will be taken with much enthusiasm by the new parents and they will be happy to share their happiness with you.

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