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Because of the great responsibilities that are responsible, secretaries are considered very important in any company. They are responsible for managing the activities and meetings of their chief, coordinate job boards and who decide on some important issues. If not for them it would lack order and would not be possible that all activities of the company march properly.
Whenever we can, we should show gratitude for his brilliant work, to let them know their work is important and that the company recognizes their efforts.
It can be made any mention of these professionals in a company meeting, also on the day of the secretary or their birthdays, so that way let them know that we are very happy with their work.
In this section we have prepared two special examples of messages that you can use as a guide for you to say hello to these workers in your company.
Example 1 of a letter for secretaries:
Thank you all for your presence and thank you for your attention. This message is for those employees who I appreciated. The work of these professionals is essential within the company and do not want to miss this opportunity to congratulate you for the outstanding work you do every day in our organization.
To all our wonderful secretaries thank you for the professionalism and demonstrate daily your commitment to our company. You are very valuable to us as an organization.
We want to show our gratitude for your great ability to keep everything in order and being so effective and accountable to each of the tasks entrusted to you. We want you to continue working with us in the way you have done so far.
Still remains a vivid memory of when I started working in this company. With the great help of Natalia I could quickly get used to the organizational culture of the company, it was she who led me to my adaptation was faster.
You are always willing to guide new employees of the company and is something that we value and we appreciate it very much, with your great support you can cope very efficiently and so many drawbacks are avoided.
Finally I want to mention that every successful company is supported by the work of secretaries, and our company is one such example. We are very pleased with your performanceā€¯.
Example 2 of a letter for secretaries:
Efficiency, speed, intelligence and charisma are some words that describe you perfectly. This message is intended for you who give us your support and thus obtain significant achievements, your empathy and good character reduce the work tension and our work can be more enjoyable. We thank you Michele for the great help you give us every day to spread your good humor and encouragement. Because of you we have achieved our goals as an organization.
Every day you try to do an impeccable job with your commitment and sense of responsibility you’ve managed to earn the trust of all of us. You always demonstrate punctuality and dedication to your responsibilities. That also demonstrate a highly sense of responsibility for what you are one of the most prominent workers in our company. Getting a secretary with your qualities and virtues is not easy and we want you to always be within our organization.
To conclude, I wish for a moment to think about how difficult it would be to do our work without the help of our valued Micaela. Surely that would be more difficult or completely impossible. I wish that with this you can realize the importance of your work to give us our features. Thank you.
If you want you can make some modifications in these two examples, you can include some specific data for this message to cause greater impact. For the secretary of the company, your present will be very exciting to know that her daily efforts are recognized.
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