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For you to can write what your career vision and mission are, you have to be clear of what is the difference between these two words.
The mission is the goal you have set, where you want to guide your career, the activity you do and who you are doing it. The mission has to do with the present and it answers to the question: What do you do?
On the other hand, vision is everything you want to achieve at long term, it’s what you want to get in the future. Vision helps you to answer the question What do I want to achieve in a few years?
Please find below some models of mission and vision of different careers:
If you are a translator and interpreter, your mission is to make translation at very good level on matters of your knowledge, focus the languages that you have greater control and stand out for your timely delivery of work.
Your mission may be to work on your own or have your own company of translation services, and hire expert translators.
If you have studied law, your mission is to do consulting in civil, criminal issues, understand what customers require and give your defense honest and truthful, always looking to establish justice.
Your vision can become a respected professional in your city to resolve legal issues quickly and adequately and / or have your own law firm.
If you study medicine, your mission will be about providing a competent and friendly professional service, giving your patients accurate diagnoses and treatments to indicate the ideals that could end his disease.
Your vision may be entering to a recognized hospital to labor to be an outstanding quality doctor, and do some study of specialization for work on your own clinic.
If you are a business manager, your mission is to ensure that the activities and processes of the company march properly and the desired results are obtained by optimizing the resources you have.
Your professional vision will become an efficient Administrator, being a manager of an area or even start your own company.
Psychologists have the mission to help people to build a better life emotionally, provide support when their patients are going through a difficult situation, giving them the ideal treatment recommendations and having consideration and respect for their feelings.
The vision a psychologist may have is to do a specialization in one of the many branches of psychology, and get to work independently or put your own office.
Graphic Design:
A graphic designer has the mission to communicate visually captured in a picture the message you want to convey about a product or service depending on the audience you are addressing.
The vision of these professionals of the communications can be to work in a recognized company or have their service to display advertising.
We have helped a bit to answer your questions about the difference between a mission and a vision. As you noticed each career has its own mission and vision. You decide where you want to direct your career. The mission will help you fulfill your vision.
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