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Emigrating to Dubai, a luxury paradise located in the Arabian Peninsula might become, depending on the job that is going to be developed there, an adventure or a nightmare.
Given to the emigration facilities granted by the authorities of the United Arab Emirates, its condition of bilingual city (Arab – English) and to the scarce population they have, they rather dedicate themselves to public functions, leaving the rest of activities such as tourism, construction and security to foreign immigrants.
It is one of the seven emirates that form the United Arab Emirates and it is located in the southwest of the Arabian Peninsula and limits with Oman and Saudi Arabia.
Dubai and the rest of the emirate’s main appeal is oil and, given to their reduced population and the strong investments made by their government, all the emirates, including Dubai, have a high Human Development Index.
Dubai is an eminently coastal and desert country, which has become a world important financial center and whose main activity, after oil, is the luxury tourism. It has so much importance that, in the last years, a series of mega projects have been developed towards the search of transforming it into an A list city, which is why they have been gaining field in the sea. A series of artificial isles have been build and they will allow Dubai’s coast to increase in 820 Km.
Politically, Dubai is a monarchy dedicated to great investments, by the year 2008 it had a population of 2 262 000 inhabitants, who are mostly foreigners who came from Iran, Pakistan, Great Britain, Spain and France, among others; some say that the amount of foreigners is around the 80% of the population and that only 15% are natives.
Dubai is a multilingual country, despite the fact that Arabic is the official language, the emirate speaks, fundamentally, English, German and the Indi language. Besides, it is a tolerant country towards diverse religions.

The economy in Dubai :

Despite from sounding unbelievable, Dubai has managed to diversify its economy, been the sectors of construction, commerce and financial services, the most important ones for Dubai’s economy, because oil only represents the 3% of their income.
These economic achievements have seen themselves intensified with real estate investments, which are performed by Dubai’s economic groups in London and New York.
Dubai gives economic, tributary and financial advantages for the installation of companies, giving the priority to companies of foreign capital, in the great industrial parks, dedicated to high technology and technologic research, among others we find the Dubai Internet City, where there are branches of IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.
Likewise, there is another park called Dubai Media City, in which CNN, Reuters, Bloomberg and BBC are installed.

How to emigrate to Dubai :

No foreigners can obtain the nationalization, because it is not included in the government’s policies, however, nothing prevents them from possessing properties, which automatically gives them the permanent residency. Even the sons of foreign residents who are born in Dubai are not considered as citizens.

Working in Dubai :

Most immigrants are workers for construction, and they perceive reduced salaries with unfair laboral conditions. Prostitution is another branch of laboral demand, but it is illegal.
But the high level of development achieved has also made Dubai attractive for first class professionals and executives.
The possibilities of entering into Dubai’s territory have their imitations, if you are emigrating with the purpose to work there, you must have a work contract and a work permission, which is processed by the hiring company. In the work contract, the date in which it begins and ends must be recorded, as well as the benefits given.
Dubai’s native citizens, including women, occupy the management public charges; on the other hand, the employments in the sectors of construction, police, tourism and hotel management are occupied by foreigners.
The cost of transportation for an immigrant is cheap, fundamentally in taxis, so, given to the high temperatures, no one walks. The education and health are private, so every immigrant must pay for his or her education and health care.
There is a low crime level in the city of Dubai, it is a clean city and given to the fact that is has been built in the past 50 years, their urban spaces are adequately distributed, which allows having a nice stay.
Summing up, Dubai’s high economic development, achieved thanks to the oil has not been an obstacle for their government, preparing for the day in which the oil runs out, to decide to develop another field of the same value, which is the luxury tourism, whose demand of mainly foreign work force has become an appealing factor for immigrants from all over the world, who preferably have a good command of the English language.

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