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Job opportunities in New Zealand are directly linked to the sectors of tourism and exporting products and, in the measure he or she has a good command the English language and counts with laboral experience in the job position, the immigrant will be able to reach his or her job position expectancy of a decent and well – paid job. 

New Zealand’s inhabitants consider their country as an adequate place to live, not only because of the technological advances they have, but for all the natural attraction that allow any resident to live a simple live, “au naturel” sharing with their friends and family. 

But New Zealand has another attraction that is only perceived by those who visit it, this is the kind an open attitude shown by New Zealanders, which is part of their national identity and whose origin is found in the habits of the Maori natives which refer to consider that everyone is part of an extended family and has dignity. 

New Zealand is one of the most important points in international tourism in that zone of the world, and in the presence of the scant population that resides there, it has become an appealing immigration zone, turning New Zealand into a multicultural society, whose foreign inhabitants come, mainly, from Pacific islands, Asia and, in the last years, from Latin America. 

New Zealand is a country whose economy is integrated to the world, where the free market works almost without duties or subventions, which has allowed their farming producers to be highly competitive and the work market to be highly flexible. The most important sectors are the productive sector, the services sector and the tourism sectors. The 30 % of the GDP is constituted by exportable goods and services. Its work force is highly skilled. Their government policies involve innovation and creativity to stimulate New Zealand’s economic growth. 

Some characteristics of New Zealand’s work market are that, besides been flexible and having trainings, the presence of women if extremely high and it reaches 50 % of the hired economically active population. Employment in New Zealand has a high independent content, meaning small business owners. 

Even when it is true that in New Zealand the work market is highly flexible, the dependent workers are protected by the current legislation, in which a minimum 8 – hour working day is established, but also other types of working days depending on the type of job. The legislation also considers that the worker must be protected in both, health and security. 

The job opportunities in New Zealand are equal for New Zealanders, because it is promoted by the legislation. Every worker, when he or she fulfills his or her first working year, he or she has the right to have paid vacations during 15 days, as well as permissions for sickness, family member death or child birth

Unlike other countries, in New Zealand the worker is allowed to be part of a union, which allows him or her to negotiate his or her work contract with the employer collectively.

In the case of immigrants, employer will always request them to have the corresponding visa, as well as the work permission that allows them to be able to work. There are many zones in which there is a clear notification that states that, without these requirements, anyone will be hired, so it will be worthless if they try to apply for their positions, because it will not work. 

The tourism sector is the one with greater job offer, it has a higher flexibility when hiring immigrant for seasons and the kind of job will depend on the command of the English language and the experience the immigrant has, which has to be recorded in the presented curriculum. 

Looking for job opportunities in New Zealand will be easier if we do it through the internet, in the many web sites that are going to be listed above: 

  • The web site, connects the immigrant workers who have work permissions and New Zealand employers in the Great NZ Harvest Trail, which constitutes an event in which the needs for harvesters in rural and regional zones of New Zealand are stated.
  • The web site, corresponds to an employment center for people who are looking for seasonal jobs in the farming city of Alexandra, located in the Otago Region, which can be found at the southeast of the South Island, which is one of the two greater islands forming New Zealand. The type of work is related to harvest.
  • The web site offers every type of work related to the hotel and catering business, such as catering, chefs, alimentation and beverages, management, restaurants and hotel management.


Summing up, the search of job opportunities in New Zealand can be pretty tough in the measure in which the immigrant does not have a good command of the English language, which is why it is necessary to find a job agency that allows us to easily get work interviews. 

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