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How to get jobs in Dubai,looking for Job opportunities in Dubai ? : 

Job opportunities in Dubai are strongly connected to how much previous knowledge we possess about Dubai’s work market, because its characteristics make the job search to be completely different from the one we perform in the occidental world. 

Dubai is one the countries which integrates the United Arab Emirates; it is going through a golden age due to the explosive economic growth that can be seen reflected on the establishment of many companies every week in the diverse free trade zones that have been created there, meaning the huge multi – area industrial parks created by Dubai’s Government.  

It must not be forgotten that, in order to be able to work in Dubai, you will need to have a work permission, which is processed by the company which is hiring you; the contract must be previously submitted. 

But it is also necessary to point out that you can apply for a temporal visa to enter into Dubai for tourism and, once you are there, you can look for a job and when you have got it, the company which is hiring you will process the work visa. 

But everything points that the effects of the economic crisis in the Work Market are affecting the job positions of foreigners in Dubai, this can be assumed due to the fact that projects have been paralyzed or postponed, despite they are exempt of paying taxes for been installed in free trade zones. 

The important thing is that companies accept to cut down their staff but they do not evaluate shutting down their businesses, which allows us to tell that there is a positivism attitude towards the economic crisis, which is why professionals in sectors such as health, education and communication media are still required. An aspect that has undoubtedly changed is that now there is much more competition, for which the analysts have it clear that Dubai will soon recover from the effects of the economic crisis, due to the industry diversity that has been working in their territory and the financial strength its economy holds. 

The most affected industry by the economic crisis, is the construction industry, been the most affected group the one formed by the non – specialized work force from India, for whom there is not a great future expectancy. 

Work search in Dubai’s Work Market is different from the once performed in the occidental work; here, you will have to see how the economy behaves, the kind of industries or stores and which sector of the population composes it; all the abilities you might possess will be worthless if you do not do what has been previously stated. 

The work market in Dubai is multilingual, with a high performance, adaptable and dynamic. The petrochemistry industry is source of important demand of specialized work force, as well as tourism, communication media, stores, restaurants and hotels. 

The work market, unlike the one in the occidental world, demands employers to tell their foreign employees all the benefits they will receive when they are hiring them; among these benefits are: the days in which he or she will have to work, the resting days in the week, the annual vacation license, as well as health insurance, housing and education. Besides, every immigrant who is hired outside Dubai’s frontiers will have the right to receive, as a benefit to receive round – trip tickets once a year to visit his or her country of origin. A benefit that many time is hold, is that, in Dubai, workers receive their complete salaries, because there is no rent tax, which is demanded by the country’s tradition. 

After having acknowledged the type f work market functioning in Dubai, the immigrant is ready to go to staff recruiting companies for sponsor companies located in Dubai. There are also many web sites intended to recruit staff online for Dubai. 

One of these web sites is, a web site dedicated to receive curriculums from people who are looking for a job in Dubai and requirements from companies in Dubai, which are offering vacant position. Another web page that offers jobs is

The most required job positions are in the following categories: 

  • Finances and Accountancy.
  • Publicity.
  • Public Relations.
  • Marketing.
  • Banking and Insurances.
  • Baby sitting.
  • Elderly care.
  • Maintenance.
  • Cooking.
  • Computer operatives.
  • Technological Support Analyst.
  • Construction.
  • Storage.
  • Drivers.
  • Engineering.
  • Education.
  • Nursing.
  • Doctors.
  • Beauty and Gym.
  • Hotel and catering business.
  • Garden and landscaping.
  • Cleaning.
  • Legal consultancy.
  • Human resources.
  • Communication media.
  • Nannies.
  • Customer reception.
  • Sales.
  • Office assistants.
  • Security.


Summing up, despite the economic crisis, Dubai is keeping its strength in the high performance job requirements, for which the immigrant will have t be able to adapt and be dynamic in his or her insertion in Dubai’s work market. 

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