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True happiness comes when we share our best with the people around us and when it is something reciprocal, for that reason we should be very grateful to have special people on our side that make our days on earth very happy.
The best way to show our appreciation to the special people in our lives is through a message in which we express our feelings and tell them how important they are for us. In this article we offer you some excellent texts that will help you tell the love of your life or your best friend why they are so special to you.
Free examples of texts for a special friend:
:: “Throughout our lives we get to know many people who will pass before us like shooting stars leaving a momentary gleam in our being, but there are also people who will come to stay forever in our hearts, no matter the distance there is between us. You are one of those people and for that I will always be forever grateful to you”.
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:: “Many people say that living life is like walking a road with many obstacles, but there are also great rewards. I think I took the wrong way and I deviated a bit, but then you came into my life and brought me back to the right path. I will thank you forever what you have done for me because I am who I am today thanks to the good advice and the help you have given me”.
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:: “I admit that I can be a person of strong character and disregard others, but you came into my life and knew know to earn a place in my heart. I thank you for all you do for me, for teaching me the true meaning of friendship and for giving me a helping hand when I needed it most”.
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:: “I have spent the best moments of my life by your side and they have not only been moments of happiness, but also moments of sadness in which you were there with me offering comfort and support. This is a true friend and I thank you for always being there for me, I hope I never disappoint you and I want you to know that whenever you need my help, I will be there for you”.
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:: “The first time I saw you I found it that happiness on your face something very strange, and to be honest I thought it was just a mask you used before everybody. But then I was blessed to develop a friendship with you and you taught me all the reasons why we should be happy in this world, and now I am also able to smile at life thanks to you”.
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:: “I never thought someone like you could exist and I have to confess that on more than one occasion I thought you are an angel that God has sent into this world to help me. I will be eternally grateful for everything you have done for me and for helping me become a better person”.
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It is always good to express our feelings in word. You will see that the person who receives any of these texts will be surprised and will thank you. Do not forget that you can find the best texts and advice for all occasions in our website, so come back soon.
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