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Commercial letter meeting,thankyou letter for participation in meeting,thankyou letter,Business meetings thanks letterBusiness meetings, success or failure we should always thank participants with a thank you letter :

Organizing a business meeting not only involves the participation of people known to the organizer but also of strangers who, by their expertise and market presence of any product, are invited to participate and been a previously planned meeting, it is discounted to achieve certain objectives and once culminated, it is necessary to thank the participants highlighting their participation and committing them to participate in future events through a thanks letter.

Any contractor who thinks he or she knows how to set up business meetings which are nothing but meetings between businessmen with the purpose of establishing contracts, agreements and alliances between them for the sake of profit, capture markets or face some of the most powerful economic o monopoly powers in the market.

Until the last few years, business meetings were held in a definite place to which all participants had to arrive in order to participate form it, today with technological advances many business meetings are conducted virtually through teleconferencing or conference through the web and once everybody involved has agreed, the businessman physically meet somewhere to sign agreements and / or contracts and / or pacts which they had already agreed.

The success or failure of these business meetings is in the preliminary planning, determining who will be the participants in proportion to the stated objectives, the time at which the activity will be developed and time that it will last, for the results to be the expected and desired ones.

A well-written communication may even be the final conclusion of a business meeting, when once this is finished we turn to the participants of this meeting to thank them for their active participation which ensured the success achieved, highlighting what you as an organizer have found surprisingly positive.

The letter of appreciation to the participants in the business meetings is a letter of commercial character and it should never be personal, and it must be written in a professional style, avoiding serious orthographic errors and printed by computer, preferably in printed sheets bearing the letterhead of the company at the top.

Like any business letter, it should carry the top name and title of the recipient, and the formal greeting. The main body of the letter should contain the appreciation and the reasons that lead to this appreciation. The final part of the letter should contain the intention to invite the addressee to other future business meetings. At the bottom, you should place a formal closing phrase, the name and title of the undersigned letter.


City, day, month, year

Mr. Robert Wenthouse
General Manager
Beta SA shoes


Dear Engineer

It is gratifying to greet you again to thank you for participating in our business meeting “The Future of Footwear Market in Latin America” with the participation of all partners in the Latin American Chamber of Commerce for Footwear and also to congratulate you on your excellent presentation at the event, which helped a lot to the participants.

We look forward to see you and your vast knowledge on the subject for future events, which redound to the benefit of our partners.


Paul Muriat
General Manager
Footwear Chamber of Commerce.

Summing it up, writing a gratitude commercial letter to the participants of a business meeting, require a clear and concrete content, so the addressee can be aware of what are intentions are, which are to keep commercial relations for the future.

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