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Free  business letter sample to thank clients for preference :

The business letter should be written according to the objectives sought to achieve and when directed towards the customers, it will be necessary to make a work of identifying the type of customer for the appreciation and recognition for the company loyalty is as close as a personalized letter. 
When you are a business man, you are always looking to search for mechanisms and strategies to improve your customer relations and despite the emergence of the Internet, the business letter has not lost its force or attractive to be used as part of a marketing strategy. 

But what is the secret to making a business letter addressed to a new client to have more impact than an email or a phone call?, the experts agree the fact that the impact of business letters is given by what the customer perceives, which is mainly appreciation of the business managers, when they are sent a letter printed on company letterhead, thanking him for his preference in simple, formal, concrete and polite. Here you are simply exploiting the fact that all people like to be recognized whenever they are making an effort. 
These letters should be persuasive because the object is to tell the client without being in front of them that we want to thank them for their preference and that they continue to maintain their interest in our company and in recognition of its fair trade we will give them commercial benefits. 
The letter should preferably take the handwritten signature of the undersigned directors, which will generate greater impact in the receiver and it should not exceed one page. The wording of the letters of appreciation should be made in such way that they seem to be designed solely for the addressee. 
Commercial letters of thanks addressed to the customer have a header which contains the city, date, name, address and the salute. Necessarily, these letters have between the headline and the content a sentence that reflects the reason for which you are sending the letter. Then the content will detail the reasons for gratitude. Finally, the conclusion should carry a farewell speech and the name, position and signature of the one who is sending the letter. 


Cuzco, April 28, 2010 

Marvin Hagler
Pensilvania Avenue 2375
Washington DC.
United States 

Topic: Thanks for your preference 

Dear Mr. Hagler 

The reason for which I am sending you this letter is to thank you for choosing our hotel on your first visit to the city of Cuzco and having received sentences merely flattering our hotel, pledge us to continue to improve our VIP service aimed at tourists from the United States of America. 
It is important for us to mention you that our hotel has a policy of thanks to our new customers, awarding them an invitation for a tourism program that has as final destination the city of Cuzco, which will last three days at a cost of room and board to 50% of the cost of your first visit, which may be used within 1 year from the date of issuance of this letter, after your confirmation within three months. 
Looking forward for your visit, we say goodbye to you, not before been sure that you are aware of our gratitude and personal affection. 
Claudia Gomez Salas 
Marketing Manager 

In short, the letter of thanks addressed to new customers is a marketing strategy that seeks to generate loyalty to the company showing customized services. 

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