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How to impress a girl on a first date,free tips to plan your first date :

Planning your very first date with a girl is very important, because you have to establish a list of things which you must prepare in order for it to be a hit.

This is got to be a very difficult subject, let’s remember our childhood, when we were at school, playing with balls, toy soldiers and with little cars with other kids, who were just like us, we were simply acting like children because were children.

If we try to enlarge the screen a little bit, maybe we will recall seeing our female classmates, playing with each other, feeling like grown – ups with dolls that are wearing makeup and even they wear what they want to; in their games, they act perfectly as ladies gathering to chat and drink some fancy tea.

If we move forward in time, our memory will show us a picture of ourselves as young teenagers, madly in love with our best friend, our desk companion in the classroom, a neighbor or it could even be with our cousin. But we were unable to tell them, probably because we did not had the courage yet to say what we felt, even though many of them gave us clues, revealing that they felt more than sympathy for us, but we miss those opportunities and they may never repeat and we will always wonder why we did nothing about them, wondering how we could have enjoyed our youth from another perspective.

This is why we want to advise young people to enjoy and use the opportunities they might have with a women and keep themselves from wasting those, it is not enough been their friend, you must dare to invite them to dance, to go to the movies, to listen some music or just go to the park to talk. It is also important that, once someone takes your invite, to start planning the date; you have to plan how it will be and how you will act, in order to avoid failure, because what matters the most, is that she has a good time next to you. Make her feel that it was a fun and exciting afternoon and note that we are not talking about sex, as this is the subject of another article.

Your presentation is the key to impact on the first date, you must be pretty clean, freshly showered, perfumed and well groomed as women do not like the unwashed, and they prefer guys who radiate cleanliness, neatness. The clothing that you use must be adequate to the place of appointment, so if you plan to camp you will not dress up, this is how you can score a good point in your favor.

Buy her a gift, a flower, a CD or a book; but first find out what she likes, so she can enjoy your gift. These things have a good impact because women like details, and a present shows your generosity and a resolute attitude of yours, that women are fascinated with.

You should always be on time, in order to achieve it, take your precautions and go to the place a bit earlier, if you arrive there after she does, you will lose many points with her.
Learning how to hold a conversation is the first thing you should know been a lady’s man. Now, you must be asking yourself: what will I talk about?  You should talk about subjects that you have in common, such as school, music, friends you share, etc. Basically, about worlds that are already in both of your lives, topics that help you approaching and establishing empathy between you.

Show interest in the topics she will talk about, but a real interest, not just pretend, because women are experts and they can tell whenever you are not been honest with them. Remember also that you never discuss sexual, religious, political and sport issues, which often make conversations weird. Also avoid discussing about weight, because woman might not like the subject at all.

Be really careful on what you drink, because you could be drunk quickly, suddenly losing the most important of this first date.

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