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How to communicate better in your relationship :

The communication is a vital aspect in the job and personal relationships, that is why, you would not be surprised if we start to discuss about this point on the essay. So let us start to analyze it, what is the communication? The concept of the communication involves the interaction of two people on a verbal or not-verbal way.

So that way, what we are showing with our reactions is very important, if it is not the most important. It means that the actions are more worthy than the words like the old said. 

On this essay we will show you how important is the verbal communication for your relationships, I mean, the essential of the communication on your plans to seducing someone. 

The communication by the mean of the words that we use daily, for example when we give an unexpected speech or when someone ask us to speak up for a specific situation. In those cases, we generally freak out because we feel that we do not count with the necessary words to express or communicate it to others. So, the important is to let the words flow like a river and you will see that the things will end up better that you can even imagined. 

After that, the concept of the communication was cleared, try to remember all your past relationships and think about what part failed on the communication with your couple. Maybe you said something on a specific chatting and then you did not mean that and then came the regrets, or perhaps when she said something and you forgot it because you considered it was not important or like something you just did not hear or did not understand.

Or maybe the case when in some moment you should gave to her a show of love and tenderness and you did not do it and the results were awfully bad and worst than that.

Honestly, these things happened to everyone at least once in the lifetime, am I right?, the important is that those mistakes of the past do not take part in your currently relationship or in the future and also the way of communication. For that reason you should erase the past look forward, always learning from your own mistakes and looking with a positive sight the current day and the future, searching to improve your skill about the communication day by day, because this is the only way your couple will feel like you understood and learned what she were talking about. 

So, if we say that the word “communication” means to chatting to for every single person, then we could be making a terrible mistake, because if you are looking for a relationship for the future or having a romantic date, when we use the word communication we are just misunderstanding the real concept and the way, likewise, all the things you could achieve from the long process of seduction would be on risk of banish or decrease immediately, because under the concept of communication you expect that you will be only one the other person listen to. 

It is better to talk about a communication when both the man and the woman take part of it, it is a problem when just only one person wants to talk and the other has to hear all the speech, which is when the discussions and the misunderstandings have their beginning, so, for that reason the communication is the right way of talking to the other person. 

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