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Best friendship messages
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Searching for best friendship messages ,  cute friendship phrases , Whatsapp friendship cards for friends , friendship text for Messenger ?.

A friend is a traveling companion on the path of life, is a guide, strength and fun, which is why our heart is filled with beautiful friendship thoughts to share.How many great friends surround you? .

Knowing that we have good friends should make us feel fortunate and grateful, so don’t let any more time pass and download beautiful friendship messages for social networks.Best facebook statuses about friendship

Friendship messages:
What to write in a friendship card

:: “You know you count on me to celebrate your triumphs and also to cry together for your mistakes”.
Category : Short friendship text messages

:: “If someone says that true friends don’t exist, it’s because they don’t know you. I adore you!”.
Category : Short friendship text messages

:: “I was never the same again because your friendship changed my life and made me discover everything I can achieve if I believe in myself”.
Category : Short friendship text messages

:: “You make my cloudy days clear when you slap my shoulder and tell me everything is fine”.
Category : Short friendship text messages

:: “I want to thank you for our friendship and for every experience lived; May they be many more years of loyalty and unconditional appreciation”.
Category : Short friendship text messagesBest emotional friendship messages and quotes to share by twitter

Friendship pretty phrases
for Messenger

:: “You tell me what I should hear and even if I get upset, you don’t hesitate to continue because you are a good friend who wants the best for me”.
Category : Friendship phrases for Messenger

:: “I go through life so happy knowing that I have a great friend, who loves me and understands me without waiting anything from me”.
Category : Friendship phrases for Messenger

:: “I see old photos and I think that time has not passed in vain; we have aged and your friendship has not abandoned me”.
Category : Friendship phrases for Messenger

:: “I don’t remember how this friendship was born; but it stayed forever among us; even in times of adversity we remained together”.
Category : Friendship phrases for Messenger

:: “Who would have believed that even being so different we would become such good friends? Thank you for being there for me when I needed it most”.
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Find best Whatsapp
friendship messages

:: “Despite knowing how I am, because you know me better than anyone, you offer me your friendship without objection or reproach”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship messages

:: “Together we have traveled all kinds of roads; You’ve encouraged me when I couldn’t do it anymore”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship messages

:: “I love you because you are my faithful friend, a great human being, you have a huge heart and, even if you don’t admit it, you are my role model”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship messages

:: “The long days prevent me from seeing you as much as I would like to, but I know that you are always there, my friend, willing to listen to my complaints and offer a smile”.
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Download Whatsapp
friendship phrases

:: “You shelter my soul when you hug me and comfort my heart, although it is made a thousand pieces, it always has a space for you”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship phrases

:: “Friendship is more than sharing secrets or spending hours talking; it is to love another person as you love yourself”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship phrases

:: “Maybe our friendship is nothing exceptional, but it is unique and for nothing in the world I could replace it”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship phrases

:: “Stay with those friends with who time flies and would like to stop time, they are worth their weight in gold”.
Category : Whatsapp friendship phrases

:: “There are no words to thank you for your friendship, but at least let me make the attempt. You’re the best friend I have!”
Category : Whatsapp friendship phrases

:: “You are so noble that if one day I fail you, you will forgive me, but don’t worry because I appreciate you very much and I would never hurt you”.
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Download friendship quotes
for Facebook

:: “You’re the kind of person in whom one can trust, thank you for your friendship and I hope that this friendship will never end”.
Category :Friendship quotes for Facebook

:: “We share common hobbies and interests; each time we meet I have great times with you, I am very happy to be your friend”.
Category :Friendship quotes for Facebook

:: “There are those who say they are my friends, but really sincere friendship is yours, with you I spend the most entertaining moments”.
Category :Friendship quotes for Facebook

:: “We know each other since we were kids, I know how you are and why we get along so well, if I had to choose a single friend without weighing twice I would choose you”.
Category :Friendship quotes for Facebook

:: “Friendship is a feeling that grows and eventually becomes stronger, after 10 years of being your friend I can say that you are a great person and we will be friends forever”.
Category :Friendship quotes for Facebook
Top friendship images, greetings and pictures for WhatsApp

Lovely friendship text messages
for your cute friends

:: “Whenever I need, you give me your support. Your friendship is very important to me and I appreciate that so much”.
Category :Friendship text messages

:: “Sometimes I wanted to give up but you are always encouraging me and helping me in all you could, you’re a great friend”.
Category :Friendship text messages

:: “As children we were worried about passing on exams now concerns us not failing in life, if it weren’t for your friendship I would have lost many battles”
Category :Friendship text messages

:: “Many speak of their friends, but just a few have real friends. You are a great person and I thank life for having your friendship”.
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Facebook wordings

:: “Good friends are those who will not stop talking honestly not for hurting you but to help you, you always have advised me for my own good and for that I offer you my friendship”.
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:: “You may be far away, but for a friendship as strong as ours the distance does not matter. We are great friends and nothing will change it”.
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:: “Some people think we’re sisters, but somehow they are right. We are great friends and I consider you my sister”.
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:: “We have learned a lot from each other, but that is why we are in this world to be helped and to help. Thanks for your great friendship”.
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Friendship phrases
for cards

:: “Sometimes we happen to win, sometimes lose, but we have always been together and in difficult times we have strengthened our friendship”.
Category :Friendship phrases for cards

:: “Among the many friends that I have you are the most important, because my other friends just want to have a good time, however you come to me when I need it”.
Category :Friendship phrases for cards

:: “There is so much I want to tell you, but I can’t find the right words to thank you for your friendship, so I prefer to show my affection with facts. I appreciate you my friend”.
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We hope you like these phrases for good friends. Send one of them to that special person who is always by your side.Friendship request messages: what to write in a friendship request
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