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The possibility of studying a professional career, a post-degree or a Master degree in Spain or the U.S.A without necessarily travelling to those countries, actually it is possible, thanks to the invention of the Online Colleges. 


The Online Colleges are a good option for people, who want to study on a foreign country but, for any kind of reasons, they cannot do it. These colleges count with a great number of professional careers thinking about the interest and the necessities of each person.

At the beginning, they just offer study for post-degree and Master degree titles, but now, it has change at all, because they offer college study even if you are about to start for the first time ever.

The principal requirements to enter to one of these online colleges is having a study of complete high-school, or also post high-school study at an international level. Likewise, it is indispensable to have a good Pc or a laptop with internet access, because the lessons through this virtual way will be given by specialized tutors and teachers.

Actually, these days, the online education is well worthy and certificated because you obtain college titles with the same value as a regular daily college. For example, in countries like Spain, the colleges already use this method of teaching like Oberta of Catalonia College, the from far distance-college of Madrid and the Rioja International university, these colleges offer you the respective college title which will allow you to work in Spain or any country associated with the “European Union”. Likewise, between the most recognized universities in the U.S.A, there is the Phoenix University. 

As we mentioned before, in Spain, we have the Oberta College or Opened College of Catalonia, it is about a private college that offers you its lessons in two languages: the Spanish and the Catalonian. The website of this university is the next:, it is an interactive, easy to understand and simple page for the users. Here you will have the chance to follow the professional careers of: laws, economy, company administration, arts, informatics and the topic of foreign languages. 

In the case of the from a far distance-college of Madrid or also called UDIMA, this Study Center gives you online lessons dividing its offer according to the age of each person, we have the topic: older than 25 years and older than 45 years, because both groups offer different conditions. If you want more information, you can visit the web site:, the Rioja International University, wich is a particular one, offers to the users the pre-degree profesional careers and the ones of the post-degree, allof them on line, of course. If you have any interset of them you can visit the website: , 

By the other hand, the online university of Phoenix, in the U.S.A, is one of the best if you want yo follow an university careerr on this country, it also offer study to all of the people who have a job and do not count with a lot of free time. Its online adrees is:

Actually, these days, many regular and prestigious universities are already adopting this virtual system. By the moment, they are just offering lessons of post-degree online; such is the case of the Complutense College in Barcelona, the Salamanca University and the National University of Education from far distance. 

It is very important to know that the Colleges mentioned before on this essay, count with a customized and interactive website, which allows you to access to its programs and take advantage of the lessons offered these days. 

Now then, the people who do not know how to speak and understand the English language, it is recommendable to taking lessons from a Spanish college mentioned before, because the American colleges only offer lessons in the English language, at least for now, but that may change with the time. 

If you are interested in taking some online lessons, then you can check the forums on internet and obtain more information about lessons, also in the social nets, the facebook and mySpace. 

There is something you must know, the most of these online lessons have very high price, for that reason, it is necessary to investigate about the grants and the scholarships that they may offer you as an important and innovating universities like they are.

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