Last modified 01/27/2024

Could you pass the new U.S. citizenship test ?:

Since two years ago, the process to obtain the American residence added two fundamental and interesting changes, so, for is the reason why, the people who ask for this test is less than before, over the 50% gave up the test.

These two specific changes are, first at all, the increase of the process’s bill, actually, if you ask how much is it? Well it will be 675 American dollars (it includes the money for the request, fingerprints, the test, the oath, etc) and by the other hand, they designed a totally new test and its requirements of knowledge are really above average.

For that reason, before requesting for one of those applications of American residence, it is really recommendable to study hard and be prepared for the Citizenship Test. On this essay, you will find important information about the Citizenship Test. Remember, if you prepare yourself really good and trying hard, it will be a success. Also, this time the test is not like past years, because today, the American Citizenship test allows you advantage of considering like right even more than one answer.

When you are having the American Citizenship test, the applicants must show their knowledge about politics and American history, and also the English language (reading and writing)

The test has an objective; the applicants of the American residence must learn how to identify themselves with the American people’s values, for that reason, the new exam has as a priority the fundamental concepts of the American democracy, so like the rights and duties of each American citizen.

The American citizenship test counts with over 100 questions about civism, in other words, questions about the history and the system of the American government. The exam is developed orally in front of a Citizenship and Immigrations service’s government employee (also known as U.S.C.I.S), who will ask you ten questions randomly chosen from the list of 100 to the applicant. The applicant will pass the American citizenship test is at least six of the ten questions were good answers.

Likewise, a sentence will be written and the applicant must read it correctly, also a sentence will be spoken and the applicant must write it without made a mistake.

About the specific topics, it is important to mention that the American citizenship test is divided into three specific topics and these are: American government (which includes 12 questions about American democracy, 33 questions about the system of the government and 9 questions about the rights and duties of each American citizen), American History (which includes 18 questions about colonial times and the Independence of the U.S.A, 6 questions about the period of the ages 800 and 9 questions about the America of today) and integrated civism (which includes 8 questions about geography, 3 questions about symbols and 2 questions about the holydays).

It is important to know that if the immigrant person fails the citizenship test, the applicant can have it again three months later without pay any money at all. Also if the applicant fails on the second time, then the American residence will be denied, but he can try again after time by starting over the process with the respective expenses.

To know which the 100 questions given by the Citizenship and Immigrations Service or U.S.C.I.S. are, so like the correct answers, you may visit the U.S.C.I.S official website: This page offers you material and resources to obtain good results on the American Citizenship test, the information will be on English and Spanish.

In conclusion, the immigrant person who wishes to obtain the American residence must be well prepared about the topics of history and civics, also the English language. Remember, a high level on your English will allow you to understand and answer any question about your requesting or your personal life.

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