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There is not another date more expected and desired by a young girl than the day which she meets 15 years. And this is a very special date for them because it is the beginning of a new phase in which a new world to know is presented.
If you have someone in your family or a friend who is turning her 15 years, you have to send her a greeting card and a good option for this is through a note. Here we bring you two examples of note for the 15 years of your friend.
Example 1 of a 15 birthday letter:
From: Sandra
To: Paola
Hello my dear friend:
I am writing this note because you are my best friend and this day has been a much awaited date for us both. I always considered you as a sister as we have spent many experiences together since we were kids.
Both know each other, so we have been together in comfort times and also in sad moments. We have enjoyed all the good things that happens in our lives. Finally the day has come for your fifteen years and I know it’s very exciting.
Remember all the times we have talked about this special day, you told me what your wishes and I hope with all my heart that all that can come true. Do not forget that 15 years live once and you should enjoy so much of this day.
You must be very happy to have a wonderful family and many friends who love you and have you in their minds. I cannot wait to see you sign up with Birthday Dress to the party. I know you will look spectacular.
Congratulations on your fifteen year old party. I love you.
Example 2 of a 15 birthday letter:
From: Ana
To: Mary
Hello Maria:
Maybe you ask why I wrote this note, well, today you fulfill your 15 years and I wanted you to keep this little note over the years. You and I are very good friends and had a wonderful time, we like the same things and sometimes people ask if we are sisters.
I remember that before I knew you I was sad and lonely, but when you came to my life you brought happiness to my life, you taught me how wonderful is friendship and how is to have a friend like you.
I know 15 years is a long awaited day by all and finally your day has come, I hope you enjoy it a lot and make all your dreams come true. Do not forget to continue to be who you are, because you are a wonderful person. Have a happy 15 years day and always remember it with great joy.
With one of these notes, your friend will be very happy to have you in her life and also will be very happy to receive your congratulations.
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