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Businesses that are just starting their activities should be disclosed so in this way begin to get customers. One of the most profitable business and which have a greater chance of success, are those related to foods, such as restaurants and fast foods.
It is not always enough to be in a place where people often spend enough, you also need to be known by multiple media tools, one of these is the letter.
If it is a restaurant, it is best to include menu items, hours of customer service and promotions. In this section we bring you two examples of note to give out a restaurant.
Example 1 of a restaurant presentation letter:
Montreal, July 10th, 2013
240 Las Delicias Avenue
Tel 34905600
Alderman Confections
3800 Chaski Avenue
Tel 4207890
Best regards:
Through this, our Restaurant Bon Apetit is pleased to give out to you, Alderman Confections staff.
Bon Apetit Restaurant is a restaurant offering a varied menu which specializes in seafood.
Our staff is qualified and has extensive experience in the preparation of the most famous dishes of our country and also from abroad. We use the finest ingredients for the most delicious dishes that you all will delight.
Our address is Las Delicias Avenue 240 and our office hour is from 11 am to 10 pm. As part of a commitment to our customers, we have discounts of up to 25% for business staff, plus a complimentary to each client.
We have a website in which you will appreciate our menu and also reserve tables, which can also be done through our phone line is at the beginning of this letter.
We hope you visit us, we gladly will give you the most attentive attention.
Roberto Macha
Bon Apetit Restaurant
Example 2 of a restaurant presentation letter:
Bogota, June 10th, 2013
Restaurant Tierra de Café
1430 Americas Avenue
Phone 2305679
Pizano SA
230 Lima Street
In your consideration:
Through this, Tierra de Café restaurant is pleased to send warm greetings and be presented to you.
Tierra de Café is a restaurant specializing in the cuisine of our country. We have a staff of chefs with vast experience and exquisite taste in the preparation of our culinary delights. We use the best raw materials and the best service to make your experience in our restaurant unique.
For introductory we offer special discounts since 2 PM to 6PM. If you get interested in our menu, you can visit www.tierracafé.com, our website where you will find a brief overview of each dish. You can make reservations through our website or by contacting our call center.
Do not forget that in the Tierra de Café Restaurant you can enjoy the best of Colombian food.
Fernanda Parra
General Manager
Restaurant Tierra de Café
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