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Migrating to Europe

Europe has become a new destination for legal and illegal immigration, so it has made its migratory policies stronger, especially towards Africans. However, due to the Schengen agreement, any community or extra community immigrant can access to European territory, as long as they manage to gather the requirements established by the European Union. Europe has …

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Migrating to Italy

Italy has been one of the few countries in the world that have been constituted, for more than 100 years, in the origin country of millions of immigrants who, for reasons that involve the war their country was involved in, the economic crisis, the dictatorships and for many other reasons, which forced them to leave …

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Migrating to Spain

Those who descend from Spaniard immigrants are considered, after going through a process, Spaniard citizens and, because of that, European or community citizens. The ones who do not have that condition, are considered extra community citizens, and must process the corresponding visa, according to the purpose of their travel, in order to be able to …

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How to keep your job

Many people have difficulties keeping their jobs, it might be because of the crisis, the competitiveness or just because they were not able to keep it because they did not knew how to adapt to their bosses, to the company’s environment or clearly identify themselves to their role inside the company. They key, is to …

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