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In order to express your love to someone you need to do what your heart tells you to do. If you want to give a surprise to the person you love, but you do not have enough time or big bucks, do not worry.

Small details are the ones that matter in a relationship because they allow the flame of love to continue alive and one of those details can be a love phrase, and why send one through Twitter?



Do you Want to read a few love tweets filled with romance to send them to your love?, for the person who you fell in love with? Well here we bring you a list of love tweets for you to send secure and you will see very happy.

Free list of love messages for twitter:

– “It was so wonderful how you knew how to reach my heart and fill it with happiness; I want that love you awoke in me to last forever.”
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– “For the first time I feel true love in my life and it’s all thanks to you, my heart, my mind and my soul are yours.”
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– “The first time I saw you was unforgettable, I felt so complete to find you and fell deeply in love.”
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– “The love I have for you is pure and true, I do not really care about your past life or things you can give me. What is really important for me is to have your unconditional love forever.”
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– “My heart is all yours; you won it because your love is sincere, genuine and full of good intentions.”
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– “A sweet look from you is all I need to forget all the problems I have, sorrows and afflictions. You give me the strength to do the impossible.”
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– I thought I could not possibly come to love someone the way that I love you, you are the most wonderful and amazing thing that has come into my life.”
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– “When I think of you think I lack the words to express how you make me feel and it’s because the love I have for you is real. It is the best thing that has happened in my life.”
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– “My life was full of darkness and sadness until you came and illuminated my world with your radiant, warm light. You are like a spring of pure water in the desert; you’re my source of happiness.”
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– “Regardless of the circumstances I will be with you in every moment of your life, although now I do not have you by my side to kiss you and hug you, all my heart and my mind is with you.”
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– “I love you completely as you are and when I see you my heart floods with that wonderful feeling that leaves me without reason. You are the light of my life.”
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– “From my lips will only speak the sweetest words for you, just let them enter your heart and you will see how wonderful you make me feel.”
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– “I have you in my arms and my heart is beating a mile a minute, only your kiss might ease it.
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Use these love tweets to be able to say what you feel for that special someone. You see how you get to her heart.

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Send your originals Sms, text, text messages, quotes, love messages , and will be published, others friends will thank you .

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