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Working from the comfort of your home, a new laboral option:

working-at-homeWorking from your own house is a new way of working that many people have been using to improve their economic condition. This tendency has become very popular in the last years due to the massive access to the Internet by millions of people, the massive usage of computers and to business policies that have seen a way to cut down costs through the implementation of this work model, which reduces the presence of workers in the company’s installations.

Working from your house is a new concept, a product of the modern era and from the appearance of the Internet; because, in past years work was considered as the remunerative activity performed from outside your house, because the one developed inside was the one related to all the domestic activities, which were performed by slaves and women.

Those who work from their homes are known as freelancers or independent workers, who, having a profession or skill, develop jobs using, as headquarters, their own houses.

Working from your house means that your office is there, but the secret is in keeping yourself as if you were actually in the offices of your working center, with discipline and maintaining the fulfillment of certain activities that will allow you to obtain the results you expect in your daily job.

But the questions that float around is if working from your house is a real laboral option, and this questions is the one we are going to answer through a series of considerations that we believe are valid for all of those who are really interested in obtaining economic earning working from their houses and been productive.

Many ask themselves: which is the most important value for those who are working from their houses? The answer is time, because those who work from their houses, the first thing that must learn how to do, is how to correctly manage their time, setting a schedule for themselves, which must be completely fulfilled.

Another aspect which people who work from their house must deal with, is the lack of laboral company, meaning that he or she will have no co – workers with whom he or she could share doubts related to work or to share your advances and improvements with, but this sensation will be easily assumed when you learn how to fully reach your goals setting your work day adequately.

Apparently, it is not the most important aspect, but knowing how to choose the right place in your house to install your work center is a vital choice and you must take into consideration all the conditions, such as illumination, ventilation and cleaning that your office will require so your job is developed successfully.

Do not pretend to work in your house in the same conditions you woke up and try to keep your family away while you are working, because if you do not, the chances of reaching the goals you set for the day will be very few.

Once you are installed in your desk, dedicate yourself to work, do not star chatting when you are in front of your computer, unless you have to send an e – mail because of your work. Every time try to resist using the media offered by the Internet for social interaction. Do not get involve with the domestic issues of your house, focus the work you have scheduled for the day. Do not lose time talking by the phone about things that are not related with the purpose of your job in your house. Reject the temptations of visualizing any other information that is not related to your job.

Plan your work day adequately, putting in a calendar all the activities you have planned to develop during the day, which will allow you calculating the necessary times to perform the same or similar activities the next day and develop other tasks that must necessarily be done. Remember to establish short breaks on your work day.

Establish the tasks you are going to develop during the day, do not allow anything or anyone to distract you from reaching it, because its fulfillment will allow you to know that you are advancing in the achievement of your own daily laboral goals. Every day make a different project if the tasks allow you to. Always have clear the tasks of things you have to achieve every day.

At the end of the week, you must establish feedback mechanisms regarding the execution of activities, evaluating your advances and the achieved goals in relation to the used time, in order to be able to establish corrective ways when necessary, so you can improve your efficiency and the efficiency of the activities.

Establish differentiation methods between your working day and your duties in the house in your spare time, because social interaction is necessary in the process of socializing of the human being.

Summing up, working from your house means having to chose the most adequate place in the house as an office, establishing a daily task or activity routine, a commitment of fulfilling your daily goals and a strong discipline of laboral commitment with yourself. 

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