Last modified 10/09/2023

How to recover, track and locate stolen notebook:

stolen-laptopThere is always a risk of getting our notebook stolen or lost; this is why we should take certain backup measures in order to be able to save some of the important information that is stored in our computers.

The first measure we could take is always having a security backup of our information, many people store very important information in their laptops, especially those who work in entities such as banks or institutions where some documents can be confidential and extremely important, is for these reason that making a backup is basic to avoid those kind of troubles.

Always use a password when starting your session in the operative system, it is much better to start it using a password than without it, because anyone can access to our desktop or manipulate our personal information.

The way in which you can put a password in Windows is very simple; the first thing you have to do is go to the Start menu, control panel, user accounts and then click where it says add or remove user accounts, then we choose the option where it says to add an additional account as a guest, which encloses some limitations as not been able to change the setting of the system or been unable to have access to certain documents, in any case, the best thing is having just one account if the computer is only going to be used by you.

Tracking devices can be empowered in notebooks. In some internet web sites, tracking through via GPS (global positioning system) can be done, or using programs in which the computer can be remotely intervened or when it is using an internet connection. There are some software that make possible the elimination of information of the hard drive when sending some commands that only the owner knows. All of these tracking devices can be found in a wide range of prices, because they use different technologies, this is why we first have to analyze which devices is the one that we need, because some services can be quite expensive.

Finally, and what is the most important of it all, is to make a formal complaint, because a lot of people think that this aspect is not that important, but in fact, it is, because it is a way of helping authorities to identify when and where the laptop has been stoles. Besides, if we do not make the report, we are covering robbery and it will also be useful to get some compensation, if we have some sort of warranty.

It is also important to remember that we must never acquire illicit merchandise, because in that way we are contributing to the increment of robbery and smuggling. If people want to offer us a very cheap equipment, we should not accept it, because it could be from someone else or can have some malfunctioning and, what is even worse, is we do not have a warranty to assume the repairing expenses, it could be even more expensive than a new laptop, it is much better to save to get a better equipment than one that, on the long way, is going to be more pricey than a new one.

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