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Windows Live Messenger 2012,Download Windows Live Messenger 2012 Full Setup :

The company Microsoft has launched their latest version of the instant messaging client called Windows Live Messenger, whose delivery comes included with many security updates and improvements on its tools, interface, etc.

This version is commonly known as the 9.0, even though it is actually the version 14.0, respect to its predecessors along the last years.

In the conference for the presentation of this new software, which took place in the National Institute of Georgia, the emphasis was in the new technologies that have adapted themselves to this product. There were talks about the AIM, ICQ and XMPP systems, which will interact among themselves, they also pointed out the project of a new multi – person (conference) system with audio and video.

Most of the users that used to employ the beta (trial) version of this 9.0 version, suggested a better interface with goo visual effects, and that is how Microsoft improved the design of Messenger, adapting it to the Windows Live Wave 3; there was also another change that could be considered as negative, although it is much more tidy at the same time. This change involves that in the window in which the state of the user is shown, there are only three icons (green = available, yellow = absent, red = busy) and the other icons shown before are not available any more, such as “Out for Lunch”, “Be right back”, etc.

There were also other omissions, such as the file to share documents, a diminishing of unnecessary buttons in the main screen or the display picture, which was moved to the left side. These changes are visible to any loyal user of Messenger, but there is no question that they will get use to these drastic changes as time goes by.

Besides from those changes, there have also been some improvements regarding the subject of sending pictures, because, formerly, pictures had to be full downloaded to be able to see them; now, on the other hand, the one sending the picture can see it at the same time the one receiving it is, due to the implementation of a file sharing system.

In the field of security, Microsoft could not stop optimizing their hard labor to protect minors and the users in general, to avoid the sending of harmful files and their automatic propagation through all of the victim’s contacts. It is thought that these vulnerabilities in the system were caused by malicious people that have once shared information with Microsoft about the security failures of Messenger.

There are also new improvements in the window in which the display pictures are shown; now you can use animated images (GIF) and forget about those static images, managing to have a better appearance of the chat window. They are only missing the possibility to add and customize sounds for each contact that logs into Messenger, that way, through voice or a particular sound a contact could be easily recognized without having to check the pop – up window.

This new version of Microsoft’s Messenger comes with a lot of new tools, so it has more hardware requirements, among others. To be able to install this software you need t be able to fulfill certain requirements so you can work with it without problems, these requirements include:

* Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7.

* 256 MB of RAM memory.

* 50 MB of space in the hard drive.

* Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP 1.

* Pentium Processor 500 MHz.

* 800×600 of resolution.

Download windows live messenger free from the official website:

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