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Brazil Travel Guide ,The best places to go in Brazil :Travelling to the Land of the Samba and the Caipirinha……..Vacations on Brazil :

Brazil, it is one of the hottest countries around the world with many places to visit, full of happiness wherever you see it, that is the reason why Brazil is placed in the TOP of our list like one of the countries you must visit over the world.

Brazil has beautiful landscapes, beaches and its hot people make of this country a perfect place, and they have the REAL like official money.

The meaning of Brazil comes from a tree with red wood.

Brazil counts with a infinity of places to visit, which will be a little difficult to explain, so that is the reason I will make mention of some of the places with more visits and that you must go while you are staying in Brazil.

The city of Sao Paulo is well-known all over the world because it is a city with a lot of movements, being the second most polluted city, it is located south-east of the country. In this exotic city it is recommendable to go to the Paulista museum, the Metropolitan cathedral, the Art museum, the Guaruja, Ilhabela, Pinacoteca of the State and San Sebastian.You cannot forget about the beautiful beaches like………Sao Vicente, Praia Grande and Mongagua The Brasilia city, beautiful Brazilian city located on the very same middle of the country, it has a lot of fancy buildings, houses, markets and parks.

Also it is an important requirement to visit the followings places in Brazil:

Other places visited very often and constantly by the tourist are: the Gems museum, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia and the President’s Official Palace “Alvorada Palace”

Rio de Janeiro, this world-famous city full of happiness, it counts with beautiful beaches, like the Ipanema beach. Copacabana, Leblond etc. Around the beaches there are some little stores where you could enjoy a cold and refreshing beer, a delicious Caipirinha or if you do not like the alcohol you may drink coconut’s water just for 1 Real.

Some recommendations for the tourists may be to visiting the botanical garden, the bread of sugar; denominated like that because the mountain where it is located has the shape of a piece of bread, here you will be transported by a cable railway, which on certain seasons of the year it take for a ride more than 3000 people per day, here you will be able of enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

But… if you have the football soccer deep inside your heart, then you cannot forget about visiting the famous Maracana Stadium and have the pleasure of watching a game, in the entrance of this nice stadium there are some giant pictures of the Brazilian soccer-players of all times. Here you can take a picture wherever and whenever you want without additional cost.

The impressive Redeeming Christ, which is on the list of the 7 wonders of the planet, it is the perfect place to take some nice pictures from the top and enjoy the view.

Who does ever hear talking about the world-famous Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival?… IMPOSSIBLE not knowing it, this fantastic carnival starts over the month of February, where you can watch a beautiful parade of allegoric cars from all the samba schools of the country.

At the end……… you can see…………talking about Brazil means party, charming, sun and samba…… cheer up and come to visit this beautiful place that offers excellent places to go and the staying will be unforgettable, that is guaranteed.

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