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France travel guide ,The best places to go in France :Vacations in France : 

Is going to France one of your beloved dreams? Are you one of the luckiest ones that will go and visit the beautiful places in this country?.

In this article I will recommend you some of the places you must visit without hesitate, because the tourism in this country is not an easy task, well the most important reason is that… in France, there are a lot of beautiful places to go but there is no much time to enjoy them all. 

Here I will make a list of the French regions visited by every tourist around the whole world: 

The French island, here the places with more visits are (the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, the Arch of the Triumph).

Provenza-Alpes-Costa Azul


Next, I will give you detailed information about the places you have to know:

A beautiful thematic park called Pyu du Fou, which is located in a very big forest; it is the 4th most visited thematic park around France.

The Saint Michel mountain, this island full of rocks gets flooded by sea-water, when this happens it looks like the entire building is floating all over the sea. This beautiful island is the attraction for more than 3 million visitors per year.

The City of Toulouse, better- known like the pink city due most of its houses and buildings are only made of bricks, here you can visit very nice places like the bridge Neuf or the park Pech David from where you could appreciate the excellent view.

The Costa Azul, you will be able of go to Niza, where you could enjoy the beautiful beaches, also the famous Market of Niza (here you could find restaurants, pub clubs, coffee shops and stands like a regular market) there is residential suburb where could see several buildings with a touch of the Romanian culture.

Loira is a French agricultural region here you could find a countryside, which can be visited while you ride a bicycle so that way the trip will be less tiring. Here I will let you know about a website where you can obtain information about this beautiful region:

Here are some other places you could visit in France:

At this point, I am sure you already have an idea how nice the tourism in France is, it is a beautiful country wherever you see it… and if you take a walk by the beautiful French streets, you may find some important and curious museums like:

·     In Dijon you may find the Mustard Museum, because here it is develop the best mustard, so you could be able to watch the previous ingredients and the preparation step by step.

·     If you are a well-known fan of the puzzles, then the Puzzle Museum will be a good option to visit, here they sow over 3000 kinds of puzzles.

Here I will give you the website where you can see the collection of this museum 

Take this like an advise, I recommend you to walk by the city and the streets over the afternoon so this way you could the de fall, a beautiful view, do not forget to take with you some maps of the city and………… remember, Europe has the most beautiful cities all over the world, so, try to enjoy the most each one of the places that you will visit in France, you will not regret it.

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