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Italy………….gorgeous country wherever you see it, with a lot of nice places, monuments, famous pictures between others, which will left you FASCINATED!!!

In the followings I will detail you the places that you must visit with hesitate in your trip to this beautiful country…….it promises unforgettable memories!!!

Who have ever heard about the “Eternal City”?…ROME… Italy’s capital city, the old Romanian Empire, this city has beautiful streets and medieval buildings and others that belong to the period of the rebirth. Here you cannot leave without visiting the Romanian Coliseum, Piazza Venetia, Piazza Spagna, the Trevi fountain (the tradition says that you have to throw a coin away and backwards to the fountain to assure its comeback), the graves of Saint Calixto, the Romanian forum and the Circus Maximus.

The City of Venetia…there is only one thing you will breathe in on every corner…LOVE…you must be able to visit the Piazza Saint Marcos, where we could found the basilica of Saint Marcos and the Ducal Palace, here you will be able to appreciate the fascinating buildings… and of course, if you are already in Venetia, you have to take a ride over the world-famous “Gondolas”. It will be a beautiful memory.

The beautiful Capri island , it is located on the Mediterranean side, very close to the City of Naples, which is well-known because of the bluest of its waters… not for nothing it is one of the most visited points by a lot of tourist…it has the luxury all over the place.

How can anyone forget to mention something about the City of Pisa?. Here is located the world-famous”Tower of Pisa”. This tower is known because of its inclined shape, I personally recommend you to walk around this fascinating tower, so this way you could contemplate how beautiful this building is.

Milan… the city of the Fashion and the Industry, well-known due here we can find the most important European brands and fashion accessories around the world, here you cannot leave without visiting the Piazza Duomo and the outstanding Cathedral of Duomo (it was built over 5 centuries ago, this enormous cathedral can be visited by 40000 people at the same time… impressive!!!).

You should also visit the church Saint Maria Delle Grazie, where we can find the famous picture; Leonardo DaVinci’s “The Last Dinner”.

Also, I have to mention the city of Genova, being the first Italian sea-port, Genova counts with these interesting places: the Piazza di Ferrari, the house of the America’s discoverer “Christopher Columbus” and the beautiful cathedral Saint Lorenzo.

As you can see, the list just gets bigger and bigger…. So make a good schedule and find out the outstanding history that this beautiful country has to offer you.

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