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The tracking down process of vehicles through satellite :

To develop the tracking down process absolutely you need to count with the right system of global location and movement, which is known by the regular people and the commercial market as GPS; this system counts with a great number of activated satellites located around the whole world.

This system was initially elaborated for the operational usage of the Air Force, after that, this system came to the normal environment because some people thought about this new kind of system as a great security tool for the regular community.

A certain time after, the GPS was integrated to many products like mobile phones, which were a great help to elaborate a correct tracking down system for the regular vehicles. The GPS works by using a basic triangulation parameter, so it can send signals from the earth to the satellites. Once the information arrives from the satellite, like latitude, longitude and the direction of the road, this signal will be codified making use of the 4 equivalent signals as first option. That way, the vehicles can be located quietly and really fast.

Actually, if you want your vehicle to be tracked down by this not so new kind of system, it must count with certain electronic equipment (cell phone, GPS receptor and optionally a mini computer inside), which will be offered by the company the client chose previously. The network signals can be really different; the latest network is PCS which counts with a level of transmission over 1.9GHz.
After the respective tools have been incorporated to the vehicle, the electric equipment must be used correctly, actually this equipment can be use different ways like the consult through the cell phone or the incorporated alarm. The consult through the cell phone is when the client wants to track down the vehicle; this method works just with a call to the cell phone of the installed mobile equipment, after that, the respective geographical points will be sent to develop the tracking down process of the requested vehicle.

Likewise the alarm installed on the vehicle is used to immediately request for the exact location of the vehicle to the central system. All the activities will be communicated from the satellite to the vehicle’s equipment and to the respective network.

The details reported from the vehicles are absolutely many, because it not only can locate the exact place where the vehicle is but it can also determine the speed of the vehicle through the respective geographical points of access.

The limitations of the GPS network are very often in the incorporated systems like cell phones and their respective receptors. This system to track down some vehicles is based on the GPS communication through the cell phones, so if a one of these cell phones is out of range, the vehicle will not be located or at least not so easily and in consequence the tracking down process will result a total failure.

Also, the system will be deficient is something is placed between the GPS receptor antenna and the satellite. For that specific reason, to obtain a really great benefit and take the best advantage of this system, you must check on carefully all of the weak points of each electrical equip installed.

Finally, it is important to place the GPS satellite signal receptor where the visibility to the sky is wide open and clear, mostly, the superior part of the vehicle must not be overcrowded with unnecessary stuff because it will not allow to establish a totally correct tracking down process of the requested vehicle.

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