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girlfriend dayOfficially girlfriend’s day,what day is national girlfriend day :

In the calendar of festivities related to friendship and love, we can find friends day, lovers day or Valentine’s, among others. There is a new celebration entirely dedicated to women in love, and it has been called “Girlfriends Day”.
So, if this is not a festivity in your country, do not worry, adopt the celebration and your girlfriend will be eternally grateful, as it will be the first time a country celebrates it, her friends will envy her and they will admire you.
Some might ask: What is a girlfriend? Others will point out why it is celebrated individually and ask: what about the boyfriend, is there no day for him? We must regretfully say there is not, and chauvinists will say this is a clear signal of women´s narrow-mindedness, or this is a new date created by traders to sell more.
But speaking seriously, we must point out the reasons that led to creating an important date for women involved in a relationship.
To do that, we must know the etymology of the Spanish word for girlfriend (novia). Some say this word comes from Latin nova which means new, and is also related to nupta. These two words made up nova nupta which referred to a newlywed woman. As a result of consecutive derivations it turned into a single word novia.
Nobody is sure who chose the date. Some say that this festivity is dated in the Middle Ages and that it is celebrated the first Sunday in April every year. It is observed in many countries in Latin America, for instance Argentina and Chile. Rather, it has been spread through the Internet than it is an actual festivity, such as February 14, Valentine’s Day.
On that date, the other half of the couple, the boyfriend, should try to be affectionate, shower her with attention and give her presents according to her girlfriend status. There are as many kinds of girlfriends as there are preferences: intellectual, sporty, ecological, model, musician, technological, etc.
Men must not forget that this date is only for girlfriends; it does not include mistresses or friends with benefits (as the movie title goes), because they already have their day, whether they like it or not, and it is February 14 every year, also called love day, lovers day or friendship day.
This same date includes wives, in addition to the date they got married. As can be seen, celebrating girlfriend’s day has just one addressee: the woman we single unmarried men are involved with.
In romantic terms, men who like surprising their girlfriends have a new date to celebrate, the first Sunday in April. I am sure women will like it and will stay forever beside a man who can remember dates.
Men will be admired because they remember a date which is not so popular, or because they introduce it into their own countries. Be sure spread your romantic contribution to your country.
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