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When is the first official day of spring ? :

Spring is related to colors, youth and hope. Thus, its arrival has always been celebrated. If you look at it, human society does not celebrate the arrival of any other season; there is no day dedicated to summer, winter or autumn. That is so because celebrating spring means feasting the birth of life.

The various weather conditions that happen within a year are called seasons. They last 3 months in average and are called spring, summer, autumn and winter; they only occur in regions far away from the Equator. In regions near the Equator, seasons are told apart because of rains, as temperatures remain the same.

Spring has always been synonym to joy, youth and brightness, because it comes after the cold and rainy winter. It is expressed in the flowering of the vegetal world, filling the countryside and our eyes with colors and making butterflies appear.

Spring has always been an inspiration for poets and romantics. There is great Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s phrase “They can cut all flowers, but they cannot stop spring”. Spring was synonym of poetry for great Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral was no exception to this season´s influence, and composed “Mrs. Springtime”.

Not everybody celebrates spring on the same date. Argentina feasts on September 21 every year, on the same day as “student’s day”. In Mexico, the date to celebrate is March 21 every year, a very important day because it is the date of birth of Mexican patriot Benito Juárez. Chile and Paraguay celebrate on the same day as Argentina. In Bolivia, it is three days earlier, September 18. Peru feasts on September 23 every year, when they also celebrate “youth day”.

The celebration of spring is not the same around the world. In the northern hemisphere they celebrate every March, and in the southern hemisphere they feast ever September.

During Spring Day, in many cities there are dance and music festivals. Young people are the most enthusiastic because they are optimistic about life. It is a period to bring about creativity, so there are also poetry festivals and singing to love. For adults, the coming of Spring Day means remembering when they were young and feasted.

Therefore, age should not matter when spring comes. Young people and adults should all welcome it with joy. Some will feast; others will remember better times of freedom, love and happiness.

For students, celebrating spring means tasks of creativity, composition, poems and poetry that reflect our admiration for life expressed in the thriving of the countryside and the birth of new wildlife. It lets us prove the existence of a power higher than anything we imagine. It is not about our beliefs, but about life.

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