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How to write a wedding thank you note to your friends :

Lately, the most of the people have lost the habit of saying thanks to the guests who were part of their wedding celebration. However, this nice proof of courtesy from the just married couple must not be forgotten because there are so many ways to do it, with a nice card, a letter of thanks or maybe personally.

The marriage is the most important institution on every society, in such celebration you can find not only the members of the family but also the closest friend. The role of being guest of a wedding celebration is to honor the decision of this new couple. Besides, to share the moment of happiness with the couple and also to wish the best for them, the guests like to bring many gifts along with them.

The most of the time, even if the couples do not know, the just married couple do not say thanks to the guests who were at their wedding celebration or for the nice gifts given by them.

In other cases, the just married couple does not know how and when to say thanks. For that reason with the following lines we will give you some advices about how we can to thank the guests of my wedding celebration.

Well then, the first step would be that the couple must be totally agreed to thank the guests of the wedding celebration, this is because the thanks-giving process must be developed by the two members of the couple and not just with one of them.

The second step is that the couple should choose the exact date when they want to start saying thanks to the guests. Some couples prefer to do it when they receive the gifts; other couples prefer to say thanks to their guests when they are right there in the religious or civic weeding ceremony or at the wedding party. Well, but we actually think that the best moment to say thanks to the guests is when the celebrations are totally over and the new couple have finished opening all of the gifts.

The third step to know how to thank the guests of my wedding celebration. For some couple it is insufficient to just send a card. For that reason the couple must choose the way how they want to say thanks, maybe a nice letter is not enough either or maybe they think the best way is to do it personally. But this is totally right for the guests who are really closest friends or family of the just married couple.

So, any kind of way to say thanks will require the list with the names of the guests and of course the respective gifts given by each person. It is also important to count with a register with the names of the guests list. When the couple says thanks through a letter it is highly important to mention the gifts given by this person, that way it will be more personal. Also remember that the card or letter to say thanks must contain the signature of both members of the couple.

Finally, about the cards and the letters, it is highly recommendable to elaborate and print them with a computer and the paper must exactly like the one you used to make the invitations. About the writing of the letter, you must use a regular language with paragraphs full of thanks and love from the top to the end. Oh by the way, try not to take more than a month after the wedding event to say thanks. 

Wedding thank you letters sample :            

(City), April 2nd, 2010

Miss Cynthia Aranda Escalante (City)

Dear Cynthia:

For us, it was an honor to have you as one of our guests on a so special day like our wedding ceremony. From the bottom of our heart we want to thank you for sharing with us that moment full of happiness. Because we know it took you a lot to be at our wedding celebration due you live so far away from us.  Also thanks for that beautiful set of kitchen you gave to us as weeding present.

With all of our personal love

Angie and Carlos Ramirez

In conclusion, the members of the family and closest friends going to our wedding ceremony must be considered like a proof of affect on a transcendental date like this, so for that reason, we must take some time to say thanks.

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