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The professional career called Industrial engineering, the profile of a good engineer :

These late days, between the most successful and demanded professionals in Latin-America and the rest of the entire world, we can find the industrial engineers. For that reason, on this essay, we will talk about the advantages of studying the Industrial Engineering professional career, on this current time where we are actually living the globalization.

The first we must mentions is that the young people who decide to study the industrial engineering career will receive a really good formation based on humanities and Sciences (basic sciences, applied sciences, economic sciences, social sciences and engineering knowledge).

For that reason, it is highly recommendable for those who want to follow this kind of career to count with certain skills on math, informatics and design, besides they should count with the capacities called analysis and synthesis.

Vision and objectives of the industrial engineering professional career:

The professional people who belong to the industrial engineering career, at the time when the finish their studies, they are completely prepared to analyze, plan, design, implement and to control production processes of benefits and/or services.

In other words, managing companies or maybe organizations composed by people, machines, materials and information to guarantee the good performance of the production and administration of the benefits and service is a job which can be handled by an industrial engineer.

Likewise, the industrial engineers have necessary challenges to evaluate the conditions of security, hygiene and environment in the productive processes. Also they are capable of analyzing the work methods, they can determinate the necessities of the human, technical or financial resources. Besides they really can design quality control programs and maintenance support programs. The industrial engineers are totally indispensable to analyze the local, national and global environments, before carry on with a corporative activity.

They also can establish plans, programs, corporative projects, industrial plants, and of course they can control the expenses and the financing. For that reason every industrial engineer counts with the necessary knowledge to be a business man, because they have the skills and the studies to plan and design a little, average or big company.

Jobs and opportunities offered for the industrial engineers:
Well then, the occupational filed of the industrial engineering is really wide and big, this is the principal reason why the professionals of this kind of career can obtain a good job on the following areas:

Engineer: To design and operate production systems of benefits and services, like company generator, to create production companies of benefits and services.

Administrator: To develop high management plans, also to develop different negotiations and take decisions inside an organization.

Advisory – Consultant: To guide and give a diagnostic to many companies :

Technical researcher – scientist: To improve the processes and technologies, and to find new processes.

Besides, like we mention before, it is about a multi-discipline professional career which allow working in many areas related with people, machinery, equipments, materials, energy, buildings, management, electronic and regular environment.

In conclusion, studying industrial engineering may be an excellent decision and also a great opportunity, because like any area of the engineering, it is a very good and rentable professional career and everybody thinks this tendency will remain this way for a really long time. Likewise, the industrial engineer can be specialized in any area they want to and they will be prepared for the challenges coming from any organization.

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