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One of the most important commitments of our lives, is marriage. Many things can fail, but when a marriage fails, much deeper things get lost. That is why we must be very careful with marriage. We must analyze whether there are quarrels, we have to want to make up and resolve them with a good communication, and not allow any resentment to build up until one day it bursts and brings down a romance that overflows with love.
It is for this reason that a renewal of wedding vows is important to think about the feelings that hold together the relationship and remember the promises that they offered to each other in the day of their marriage.
The renewal of wedding vows is important for every married couple, because with this ceremony, the couple can promise eternal love, faithfulness and support to each other and remember all the promises that were made at the altar. Even if your marriage is on the right track, a renewal of vows will always improve the relationship between the spouses, strengthening and preserving their bonds, making the feeling that united them once be renewed.
If you have not found the inspiration to write your vows or if you have a little time to think of a good promise, do not fall into despair. On this article we offer you many beautiful promises that you can express when you renew your wedding vows, we are sure you will be pleased by them and that you will find them extremely useful.
Free examples of wedding vow renewal texts:
:: “I promise to keep you as my wife, my dear (his or her name) to love you, honor you, support you and protect you in the present and in the future, in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, in the joyful times and in the sad times. I will always appreciate you and love you until my last breath”
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:: “We both wanted to unite our path and that made us find happiness. I (your name) give myself to you, convinced that the illusion of our love will make us stay together richer and through poorer. I wish to continue my life with you until death do us part
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:: “I thank life for having known you and now I understand that it was not in vain. I am sure that the story of our love was written to last forever. And today that we are back together before the altar of God, I want to promise to love you forever once again. I promise I will be your loyal and devoted husband to the last day of my life”.
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:: “I want to stay with you as we have done each day until now. Hold you every day as if it were the last time and promise to love you forever once again. I swear I will be with you the rest of my life until we become elder and realize that a love like ours continues growing over time, making this feeling grow deeper and stronger every day”.
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:: “I wish us to renew the oath of love that we made to each other before the altar of God once again, I (your name), promise to be the most loyal wife, because the love that I have in my heart is unique and exclusively for you. I promise to be your support when you suffer a fall, I will wipe your tears when you cry and I will keep you warm when you are cold, for now and for all eternity”.
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:: “A night like today, several years ago, I promised to love you forever and until now I have kept that promise. I give myself to you completely just like I did the very first time, with the same enthusiasm and the same love. I swear I will be your loyal husband through fortune and through the worst falls, in good times and in bad times”.
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:: “I (name), renew my desire, that you receive me as your beloved husband, as your faithful companion for the rest of your life. I promise to be with you forever, through thick and thin until death do us part, because I love you”.
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:: “Today you are my reason for living, and all this time we have shared together has taught me to understand that you are the person who I will love for all my life. Once again I give all my love to you to keep my promise to love you forever ”
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:: “I give you my heart, my feelings and my dreams once again. Before the altar of the Lord I promise to love you for life, to be your partner forever, I will give you my trust, my help and share my joys and sorrows of every day with you”.
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We hope you like our promises of love and that they are useful to you when renewing your wedding vows.
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