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Since we are small we always look forward until vacations arrive since we want go to different places and have fun without having to think about our school responsibilities, and as time goes there is something within us which drives us to go on vacation to clear our minds, get rid of the stress from day to day work.
We want to visit especially tourist destinations and travel to different countries. The most demanded tourist destinations are the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, China, France and Italy, these places have always been a part of our dreams to get to know before we leave this earth. In this article we will give you some interesting destinations for people like you to visit, we hope they have much in common with the places you yearn to know.
First we have the United States, that anyone wants to know . It is appealing to all ages and it has a very interesting entertainment center as Walt Disney World, where their representatives are Mickey Mouse, his girlfriend Minnie , Pluto , and their inseparable friends , Donald Duck and Goofy. And ideally no knowing about or a piece of this place because it is very entertaining. Furthermore has exclusive hotels, extensive golf courses, among others. Of course we can not know this place spectacular.
Not far from the United States is Canada, this country also has many interesting places, such as Niagara Falls , which according to the people it is best to go with your partner to feel the love that burns inside and because the beauty of this country is serene.
You can go to the Art Gallery of Ontario , whose works are magnificent , and anyone is amazed by her beauty. And we can not fail to mention Buthchart Gardens , where you can see a vast field of flowers, and this is where you come to find peace .
A country that can not let go is Japan. Getting there and realize that there are many people walking the streets because there is overpopulation and to marvel at the technology they have is motivating. But be sure to go to tourist attractions such as Shrines , Mount Fuji , Tokyo tower , shopping center Shibuya , whose place is the most visited by people.
You can also visit one of the best theaters in the world like Sydney Opera House , located in Australia , you will see that peace come to your heart when you hear their beautiful melodies .
As China does not go so well known is the Great Wall , this place is very attractive because here many battles have occurred centuries ago. In this country we can see those beautiful fields , inhabited by people who have a different style of life of people in the West , it is advisable to know their culture and history to know what happened and because they have this way of living life.
Another beautiful place is France with La Place de la Bastille , the church of Notre Dame , Palace of Versailles , one of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre, where the most splendid works of art , and of course Paris with the Eiffel Tower HIGHLIGHTED .
And finally Italy, a country where there is much history especially religious and Catholic is the predominant religion , and attractive tourist sites such as : Verona , Venice and St. Peter ‘s Basilica in the Vatican . Mantua , Tuscany , a place where there is peace . And forget Roman Coliseum .
You know that these places can be your next destination for you to enjoy a good holiday and that they are the most popular among tourist destinations. Come back to this page because we will have many more new features for you! Good Luck.
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