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Worldwide, there are very beautiful places that are very attractive and touristic and as soon as you have the chance to go you should around these amazing places in the world. Traveling is magnificent, you get to travel and have a great time, and as well you get to know the culture of many different places.
Visit countries other than your own is allows you to interact with other people and knowledge and history, because every place has something special that you will like it and as always there are some places which are more visited than others.
Up next we mention the most popular tourist places worldwide:
Disneyland is a place where a countless number of tourists arrive every year, is it appealing to children as to adults as there are a great number of games and different things to do in order to have an excellent time. You also get to see in person all the works of Walt Disney, as well as its renowned Mickey Mouse, the drawing that has existed throughout time in the lives of many people, and of course if you go to Disneyland you must visit Orlando and go to the famous Universal Studios, where you will have fun to the fullest.
On the other hand there is a religious place which is extremely crowded by devout Catholics whose desire is to see the Pope up close, this place is called St. Peter’s Square and it is found at the Vatican. There are also several churches to get to know around there, and the most beautiful of all is the Sistine Chapel, where you can see the beautiful scenery from the top and listen to live the word of the Lord.
A place where you can appreciate the most impressive richness of all creation are the Niagara Falls, which are located in Ontario Canada and are the largest in the whole planet Earth, so you can spend an amazing time in there.
In France there is a very concurred place which is the cathedral of Notre Dame, it is many years old and it was created in memory of the Virgin Mary, so you cannot leave this wonderful place aside.
Through TV or even through the internet we can see the impressive celebrations that are held on the streets of Manhattan in New York, in there you can also go shopping and Times Square is a place you must go visit as everything you find there will amaze you.
Many people travel to China just to be able to contemplate the Great Wall of China, admirable as it is a work of art that represents the great wars that were held in that exact place many years ago and it has a great story for all the centuries it has standing.
A place where you can go gamble is Las Vegas, in there you can find the most beautiful hotels and casinos you have ever seen before, and everything is so opulent you we can get rich as well as stay in misery. In this place anything can happen.
And finally we cannot fail to mention one of the places that rank first out of the 7 wonders of the world. Also you can acquire much historical knowledge going to this place and be admired with the pharaoh’s sarcophagi which remain intact until today.
We hope this article has helped you learn more about the most concurred touristic places worldwide, besides thinking to which site you think go first, you have a list of 8 other places you should visit as well. Good luck with your decision and come back soon.
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