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Do not think that when the Passover is over the celebrations are also over, as it comes a very important event where we have to live and it makes us very happy, it is the New Year eve. So on this day one should meditate on your actions to avoid mistakes and full us of optimism and hope that the coming year will be much better than the one already passed, so we have to celebrate it with positive energy.

Some people celebrate it in passing in another side of her family, others organize celebrations with friends and family and some make something small at home with your loved ones, it is important that everyone has good vibes for the coming year comes with many positive surprises. In this section we show a few sentences to the end of the year.

Free list of nice New Year phrases:

– “This year has given us many surprises, but I have hope that next year will have a lot more surprises which will happen to me and to you too. Happy New Year. “
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– “Let no one separate the beautiful family you have, I wish you to have a beautiful Easter together on New Year’s. Have a happy New Year. “
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– “The time has passed very quickly and now I hope this 2014 to be a much better year to have much joy in your home. Happy New Year. “
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– “Have a sense of hope and faith again for next year, so that God give you all the happiness in this new year. Have a happy New Year, my friends. “
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– “I hope all the good wishes become real in this new year which is about to begin. And for those who are not close to us too many positive energies and hopes for a better year. Happy New Year. “
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– “I hope that God give you many blessings this new year which is coming and you have always a home very solid as usual. I send you much love. Happy Year 2014. “
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– “May the joy and hope reign in your heart this coming year in your home, with many positive and great memories. A Happy New Year to you. “
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– “There will be much better thing to come in this new year, so I want you to enjoy very happy moments together. I hope many blessings to come to your life. Have a happy New Year. “
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– “I know you are a great person, so I hope you to have a wonderful next year which I’m sure you will be rewarded and spend this holiday with the presence of all people you most love. I send many blessings to all of you and have a happy New Year. “
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The 2013 takes happy and sad moments too. God gives us the opportunity to live a new year 2014 full of new surprises for us all. Keep the hope and optimism that this year will be much better than he already was. We wish you a Happy 2014 full of happiness and blessings. Come back soon to our website where we are always posting many interesting phrases for many occasions. Have a wonderful celebration and a Happy New Year for you too.

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