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Sweet love phrases
for WhatsAppFind best romantic messages

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To express love is easy to do because there are many ways to express our feelings to our loved. Grab your phone and start writing a cute text message to the love of your life and send it now, when your partner read the SMS, he or she feel all your love.

Do you want to send an SMS to know how much you love him or her, but do not know how to write it? That is no longer an impediment. In this section we offer you the best free quotes of love. You can send these quotes as a text message or send them by a mobile using Whatsapp.Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

Nice love phrases
for WhatsApp

:: “I love to kiss you because I feel your sincere love, the most incredible moments I have spent them with you, and I wish they were eternal”.
Category: Love phrases for WhatsApp

:: “The most beautiful thing that happened to me is to know you. You make me so happy I feel that every effort is worth it for you”.
Category: Love phrases for WhatsApp

:: “I have had the happiest days living by your side. I like to hug you and look into your eyes because I feel like I get lost in them”.
Category: Love phrases for WhatsApp

:: “I have to thank you for giving me your love. Since I saw you I knew we would be together forever. When I’m with you I can see that life is beautiful, and I want to live with you forever”.
Category: Love phrases for WhatsAppI am deeply in love with you text messages

Romantic phrases
for WhatsApp

:: “Each couple enjoys her romance differently, but I think only we experience this feeling so strongly. I have you in my mind all the time and even when I sleep I think about you because I’m so in love with you”.
Category: Romantic phrases for WhatsApp

:: “In each cold dawn your love surrounds me warmly and dark nights your love shines as sunsets on my way, you’re the love of my life. I adore you”.
Category: Romantic phrases for WhatsApp

:: “Not the first time I’m in love, but I feel now is very intense. When I have you by my side makes me feel the luckiest woman in the world. I like your kisses, your touch and your personality. I love you”.
Category: Romantic phrases for WhatsApp

:: “A simple conversation is useful to know what we love each other, by your side I can only feel a great joy. I pray to God to give us a lot of life to enjoy our love”.
Category: Romantic phrases for WhatsAppYou are the only one I want love messages

Short love messages
For Messenger

:: “From all the joys that I have experienced, the most I value are those which I spent time with you. You’re in my mind forever. I wish we never separate because you are the love of my life”.
Category: Short love messages

:: “Sometimes I wish I was the sea breeze to wrap warmly before you know it, you’re the person I always dreamed of and if you have to go, I’m ready to follow you”.
Category: Short love messages

:: “Nothing in this life can separate us because our love is as strong as all the seas and vast as the sky”.
Category: Short love messages

:: “To be happy I do not require anything more than your love and thus have the security that together we will be for the rest of eternity”.
Category: Short love messagesbest tender love thoughts & messages for Girlfriend

Sweet love messages
For Her

:: “Among so many people I found you and that for me is not only luck but a great blessing. I love you, beautiful queen of my heart!”.
Category: Sweet love messages

:: “The only thing I ask life is to have millions of opportunities to be with you, enjoying the purest and most sincere love”.
Category: Sweet love messages

:: “Cupid is responsible for so much love and what a good aim he had to be able to shoot my hard heart”.
Category: Sweet love messages

:: “Your heart full of sweetness and tenderness moves me completely and I fell madly in love with you. How wonderful it is to enjoy love by your side!”.
Category: Sweet love messagesfind tender love messages to surprise your girlfriend

Get love phrases
For cards

:: “Our path has been full of obstacles, but our love has been greater than all of them, that’s why we continue together and we will love each other forever”.
Category: Love phrases for cards

:: “I hardly remember those days of the past where I walked alone and sad through life because with you at every moment I feel happiness and love while I enjoy your company”.
Category: Love phrases for cards

:: “I want to be the cause of your greatest joys in life, I want to celebrate with you all your triumphs and make our love be with us every day forever”.
Category: Love phrases for cards

:: “It fascinates me to think of you and of that day in which we met because it is something that fills my heart with peace, love and happiness. Thanks for being a part of my life!”.
Category: Love phrases for cardsMost romantic quotes & cute ways to say 'I Love You'

Find eternal love messages
For Boyfriend

:: “For the most wonderful woman on the entire planet, these beautiful words go accompanied by a huge kiss and lots of hugs full of love”.
Category: Eternal love messages

:: “My life gave a radical change since you appeared because with the magic of your love you have managed to turn my world into a wonderful place, into a true paradise”.
Category: Eternal love messages

:: “You fill my heart with the greatest of joys and the deepest of loves because you are unique in the entire universe, you are the woman of my life”.
Category: Eternal love messages

We are sure that these tender love quotes for mobile have liked you. Choose one and dedicate it to that person you love so much for him or her not to stop thinking about you.Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

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