Very Beautiful Business Christmas Emails

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This Christmas may be a union time for your company and your employees. Running a company is not an easy job as it’s success depends on your decisions, but if you keep a good relation with your employees and get all of them to commit with the progress of the company, then everything will be much simple.

Christmas is an ideal time to be closer to your employees and expressing them your appreciation to them. A good way to do that is sending an e-mail with your Christmas wishes. Up ahead we’ll show you some models of Christmas e-mails you can send to your employees.

Model n° 1 of a business Christmas email:

From: Daniel S. Sarmiento – General Manager

To: Employees of FLASIVA (packaging area)

Dear employees:

I send this e-mail to wish all of you a happy Christmas in the company of your family and loved ones.

I’d like to communicate as well to all the employees of this area that I’m very happy for the job you’ve been developing since the start of the year and I hope that next year you keep working the same way as that will allow us to keep growing as a company and so the best benefits for all.

I say farewell but before I express my gratitude for the time you’ve been working for this company and for the effort you’ve made day to day to achieve our goals.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Are the wishes of,


Model n° 2 of a business Christmas email:

From: María J. Bonilla – General Manager

To: Employees of SETIMENA (customer service ares)

Dear employees:

You’re a very important for the operation of our company, so in this special sate we express our fondness and appreciation wishing you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Our clients are always pleased with the attention you give them and that fills us with satisfaction, we’re sure that the Christmas campaign will be a profound success if you keep up the attitude.

I say farewell of everyone hoping you celebrate Christmas with the people you love and receive baby Jesus in your hearts.

Are the sincere wishes of,


Model n° 3 of a business Christmas email:

From: José P. Antón – Administrator

To: Employees of DELFIZO (maintenance area)

Dear employees:

I send this e-mail to wish you much happiness to you and to your families this Christmas.

You are a very efficient group of employees that have proven your professionalism every time you’ve been required to. We take this special occasion to express our appreciation and our desire that you remain a part of this company next year.

Once again, we wish you a merry Christmas and a promising New Year.

Are the sincere wishes of,


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