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Today there are several options to communicating and staying in touch with people we like. If you want to greet a friend or some company this Christmas, do it in the most practical way by sending an e-mail with your best holiday wishes.
The advantage of sending an email is that you can send it to many people at once and attach other documents as images. Don’t waste any more time and send an email to the companies you work or have a business relationship with, wishing them the best Christmas ever. In this article we’ll show you three models of corporate Merry Christmas e-mails.
Model n° 1 of a corporate Christmas email:
From: Editorial San Luis
To: Institución Educativa Los Héroes
Through this e-mail we wish to express our best wishes for this end of the year holidays.
We consider it as something positive that Editorial San Luis and Institución Educativa Héroes have had a good working relationship this year. We’ve taken care to provide educational texts for the different courses your students have and you’ve taken care that they get to know all the benefits of our educational materials.
On these special dates we wish all of those who are part of Institución Educativa Los Héroes a Merry Christmas along with your loved ones and that success continues next year.
Are the sincere wishes from,
Editorial San Luis.
Model n° 2 of a corporate Christmas email:
From: Corporación Tesla
To: Employees and collaborators
Through this email, Corporación Tesla, a leader company in the manufacture of building materials, greets all its employees and collaborators to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
We congratulate all of you who work in this corporation because it’s you who have made this company one of the best of the country. We admire the effort you do every day to fulfill your duties and we want you to enjoy this time with your families and loved ones.
Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and may New Year bring good things for all of you.
Is the sincere wish of,
Corporación Tesla.
Model n° 3 of a corporate Christmas email:
From: Centro Comercial Corisena
To: Textil Farnaso
Centro Comercial Corisena greets you through this e-mail and wishes everybody who’s a part of Textil Farnaso a Merry Christmas.
The garments you manufacture that are sold in our mall have had a great acceptance and have been sold a lot, that’s why we are pleased to say that we have planned to expand our working relationship for a longer period of time.
Your garments have definitely been a success in our mall during Christmas season, that’s why once again I wish all the people working in Textil Farnaso a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Centro Comercial Corisena
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