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These last days, Italy has improved the technological level of the mobile telephone service; this is because the companies on this beautiful country have expanded over the entire Italian territory correctly. The communication in Italy has increased not just on the corporative area but it also has evolved amazingly on the private home are. The millions of users who are using these excellent services have increased amazingly compared with the last years.

For that reason we will make mention of some companies which are offering these kinds of services, so that way you can have a general idea what company can fulfill all your expectations and need about the mobile communication and other services on this gorgeous country, Italy.

Vodafone : It is one of the biggest companies already established on Italy. It offers great plans for commercial areas, corporative areas and regular homes. Besides it offers before-payment and after-payment plans for each client, those plans count with excellent prices. Likewise it offers great offers and promotions for the mobile equipments, the plans on its own ADSL internet category with wide broad-band and Windows phones.

Between the latest products offered to the market by this company we can surely find the iPhone 4, the LG Optimus 7, the Nokia N8, the Samsung Galaxy S and the BlackBerry Torch 9800. Besides you can obtain these nice designs of cell phones with the following plans: Vodafone 10, Vodafone Senza Scatto, Zero Limits Smart, and One Nation 10.

Wind : This company is one of the last which entered to the Italian market. It offers mobile telephone service, regular telephone at home and internet. Between its great promotions we can find the discount packages for the text messages, internet packages which include unlimited hours with a good discount, and also packages for the corporative are which include unlimited internet to navigate through from any mobile equipment or computer.

Wind is associated with some other big companies so it can obtain latest mobile equipments or cell phones, for that reason we can find such variety of equipments on any store or shopping center where we see its logo.

TIM : Actually it is one of the biggest companies you can find on the Italian territory. TIM offers to the mobile communication market really great advantages and good discounts, which go according to the quality of service requested by the Italian user. The plans offered by this good company are before-payment and after-payment, and the service can be requested by corporations or homes.

Between its latest new services we can find the quick access for your own cell phone to the twitter, facebook and Windows Live msn. Also between its new mobile equipment you can appreciate the Nokia N8 and the Samsung Galaxy S. besides, TIM offers to the user the wide broad-band internet for cell phones and computers, actually this service counts with really good promotions and discounts each month of the year.

In Italy, TIM is considered as the best telephone company by every Italian user, this is because the tradition offered by this company in this telecommunications market attracts more and more user. The basic and advanced services like mobile telephone, regular telephone at home and the internet have evolved amazingly to go according with the necessities of the beautiful Italian country and its millions of users. Besides its revolutionary ways to solve technologically the corporative areas have been recognized as the greatest merit a telephone company can obtain on this hard telecommunications market.

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