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If you are in vacations or are planning to travel to Europe, consider Germany as a good choice. You might be wondering: why should I tour Germany? What is there to visit? Where can I stay during my sojourn? This article will answer these and other questions so you can make the right decision.
Why tour Germany?
Apart from being one of the most developed countries in Europe, Germany also has many majestic buildings and a wide variety of artistic expressions, which can all be found in several cities around the country which are unique because of them. Their squares, palaces, parks and other monuments are very popular with their population.
What Tourist Places Are There To Visit In Germany?
As mentioned above, Germany has several places to visit. These are the most important ones.
The Berlin Cathedral: it is considered the most beautiful church in Berlin. It was built between 1895 and 1905 by the Evangelical church in Germany, and it is also considered one of the most beautiful churches in Europe.
The Berlin Wall: also called “The Wall of Shame”, it was put up in 1969 during World War II to divide West Germany from East Germany. It was demolished on November 9, 1989.
Siegestor (Victory Gate): this monument was built in Munich, in order to commemorate a Bavarian war. The passing of time and the damages in Germany during the war destroyed this monument. After the war is was rebuilt and became a symbol of peace.
Museum for Hamburg History: is has marvelous art exhibits and expositions that range from the pirates times up to the Beatles visit to the Star Club.
There are also interactive shows.
These important tourist places aside, there are also others such as “St. Bartholomew’s Church”, “the three art galleries” and “the Neuschwanstein Castle” located in Bavaria, and it is well known for its resemblance with the castle Disney created for “Sleeping Beauty”.
Where can I stay during my sojourn in Germany?
If you are concerned about where you will spend your nights in this country, do not worry. Germany has several lodging options for its visitors. You can choose from rural style lodging where children can enjoy the farm while having a classical German breakfast up to lodgings with a youthful style which are affordable for the family. If you want more comfort, there are the most luxurious hotels in the center of the most important cities.
Its wonderful places aside, we might add that Germans are very hospitable to their visitors, and you can have a lot of fun in this country. We cannot be wrong when we say that Germany is an excellent tourist destination for some nice holidays. We truly hope this article motivated you to know this beautiful European country.

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