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You know that when you’re looking for a new job, the first thing you have to prepare is your resume; this should be very good for you to be called for an interview.
You should not forget to post personal information, your professional expertise, your knowledge and also all the skills and abilities that you have to perform your job.
If you are good at highlighting what you do best especially your qualities and abilities in the workplace do not doubt that you have great chance to be chosen.
Do you know how to highlight all these features in your resume? Lines below will give you some great tips so you can make an excellent resume.
Have an order
It is very important for your future interviewer to call you, that you should organize your information well along your resume, you must first get your information, then write a brief note of who you are and what you want for your career, and after that part, you can list where you have trained or the studies you have carried, your educational knowledge, your personal goals and if you had any extra course too.
Be precise
Do not make your resume too long, take in count that the person who receives it wants to give a quick read and to know what your principal features are. When you put your personal information only put your name, age, email and your phone number, do not forget to put a recent photo.
Your brief description should not exceed two short paragraphs of two lines each. In your written work training just list the last three jobs you had, put the date, the name of the institution where you worked and which were your functions.
As for your educational knowledge if you write technical or university training. Put your goals achieved in the workplace and ends putting some extra course you had.
Occupation within the job
Your job training is one of the key points in preparing your resume, so you should be concrete to detail it, without forgetting to highlight your work.
Do not forget to put the date, the name of the organization and what you did in the post that you performed, may be the two or the last three companies you worked that are related to where you are hoping to find a position.
For example if you work in the marketing department to develop new products, do it like this:
2012 – Company Honeycomb – Product Management Coordinator
Functions: Develop projects to develop new products
Possibly the work you are hoping to get requires the same functions you perform before, so you have great opportunity to enter.
Also to highlight even more your resume, you can describe those awards you got when you play your position
in the company or those ones which you developed as an important and successful project.
2012 – IMSA S.A.. C – Market Analyst
Functions: Analyze the domestic and international market. (“Best Market Analyst Awards 2012 internationally,” awarded by the Association of Market Analysts)
Do not hesitate to use these tips we have given you, you know these will be of much help when preparing your resume. Good luck.
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