Last modified 10/07/2023

tips for working in germany,working in germany,jobs in germanyAdvice on finding jobs in Germany :

Germany is currently one of the few countries in the world to have a notorious economic growth and a low unemployment rate.
Thus, it has become the preferred destination for hundreds of immigrants from around the world.

According to a paper published by the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg, by 2010 Germany will need to add 800,000 immigrant workers, with education and skills, to its labor force in the industrial and management sectors. In the next paragraphs, we will give some important advice to foreign citizens who want to work in Germany.

The main requirement for immigrants interested in working in Germany is to have at least and intermediate level of German, its official language. They must not make the mistake of thinking that fluency in English Is enough to find a job in Germany; in fact, that is not the case. Now then, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, a B1 (basic) and B2 (intermediate) level is required in Germany. Thus, before traveling to Germany, we recommend to study its language.

Currently, Germany has a strong demand for skilled workers, meaning experienced or specialized professionals. The most required ones in this country are in health, engineering, tourism and teaching. However, Germany has job opportunities for all careers. But, skilled professional immigrants have the most chances to get a job and thus a work permit.

It is important to mention that an immigrant can work in Germany only if no German citizen is willing to do that work. For immigrants to get a work permit in Germany they must get a job in this country and the hiring company must register them in the Employment Agency.
To find out the existing job opportunities in Germany, immigrants must visit the Federal Employment Agency website ( They can also find job offers in the many agencies which are authorized by the Federal Employment Agency. Also, before travelling to Germany, we recommend immigrants contact one of the 850 EURES counselors in the job mobility website. In order to do that, they must visit , where they will also find many job opportunities, living cost budgets and information about work conditions in Germany.

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