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Which engineering field makes the most money in USA ? :

In the U.S.A, the people with college formation are actually who catch the best opportunities for a really good job. But on these last years, the most required professional people in those countries are actually the engineers specialized in many areas and fields. Between them, the engineers with a degree certificated document are actually who find less problem to get a really good job with absolutely good profits.

According with a research in the 2010, elaborated by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE, are they logo), the 15 professional careers with the best probability of getting a good job in America included 13 careers linked to the engineering.

The same inform says that the best paid engineers coming from the petroleum area, those professional people receive over 83 121 American dollars per year. In the second place we can find the chemical engineers, they receive over $ 64 404 per year. The nuclear engineers receive over $ 61 610 per year. The computer, electronics and telecommunications engineers receive over $ 60 125 per year. Under these we can find other engineering like the mechanical engineers ($ 58 766 per year), the industrial engineers ($ 58 358 per year), the airspace engineers ($ 56 311), the agriculture engineers ($ 54 352 per year), biomedical engineers ($ 54 158 per year), and the civil engineers ($ 52 084 per year).

It is also important to mention that the salaries received by the engineers may change according to the specialty, the sector and the previous college formation. About the petroleum engineers, there is like a dead end for this worker because according to some research performed by scientist, this natural resource will disappear completely over the next two decades.

According with some research fulfilled by the Work Statistics Office in the U.S.A, the engineers involved with the computers and electronics will be on great demand by the regular American market during the next decade. In fact, the past year (2010), over 760, 000 computer engineers were demanded by this current market.

Likewise, according with some other researches, in the 2030, it is expected the oleic energy to supply the fifth part of the energetic production for the U.S.A, for that reason, the engineers involved with the energy field are already in high demand by ,any corporations and enterprises.

On the next years, it is expected the job for the engineers to keep growing really fast, but the perspectives of the job will change according to the specialty, in other words, the opportunities for all the fields belonging to the engineering will be good but there will be some others which are going to be a little better.

For example, the biomedical engineers are the first ones, who actually can realize about this increase of the opportunities; this is because the new demand for better equipment and medical devices, the job opportunities for them will increase over 72%. Meanwhile, the environment engineers will note an increase of the job chances over 31%; this is because many companies and enterprises should fulfill the environment norms and rules.

By the other hand, the civil engineers wait for an increase of jobs over a 24%, because they are really necessary to design and built highways, buildings and systems to control the pollution.
The aerospace and health engineers wait for an increase of jobs over a 10% tops.
Likewise, the agriculture engineers wait for a 12%, the petroleum engineers are also waiting for this change, they expect an increase of jobs over 18%, miners and engineers involved with this field wait for a 15%, the industrial engineers wait for a 14%, the nuclear engineer wait for an 11% and the mechanical engineers for a 6%. The jobs for the electronic and computer engineers will increase 4% and 2% each.

By the other hand, the chemical engineers expect for a decrease of jobs over 2% but it can be more than that.

Finally, it is also important to mention that the most required engineers are always those who are well prepared and updated; this is because the employers look for the professional with knowledge about the latest technology, especially those who work with biotechnology and information technology.

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