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Sweet messages
to say I like you

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Sometimes, it is really hard to say how much we like a person, even more if it is personally, but this is not always because the fear of being rejected or maybe because we do not count with the courage to just say it.

Actually it happens because, sometimes, we do not have the right words or we do not have any idea how to express our feeling to that special person.

Next we are going to show you some messages which will help you to express those feeling to the person you like the most.Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp.#RomanticQuotes

Cute messages to say I like you

:: “I like you because of you so shiny eyes. Because of you red lips and your hair which moves with the rhythm of the wind”.

:: “I like to be your gentleman and you my Princess. Dreaming that we are totally alone, you and I alone, and we kiss for an eternity while the sun goes down slowly”.

:: “I like to be with you, to give you a nice hug, to tell you how much I like you and to give you thousands of kisses. You are the girl once I dreamed about and now that I have you I know I will love you”.

:: “I just want you to know that I love you since long ago, I really love you and I like the way you are”.Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say 'I Love You'.#RomanticQuotes

What do you text
to someone you like?

:: “Each second I feel like I love you even more and each time you are not with me I feel like I am dying”.

:: “I like when you laugh and when you get upset and even when you feel embarrassed and you face is all red. I really like to make you laugh by giving you tickles; I like your hair and you red cheeks”.

:: “Meeting you in this life was the most beautiful thing ever. I really thank God for putting you in my way”.

:: “I like you because the way you are, for being so unique between so many men around the whole world”.Deep love quotes to express how you really feel.#RomanticQuotes

How do you express
your feelings over text?

:: “I like to give you kisses and kept you totally mute. I like to wake you up with some I like you messages my girl. I like to say you are the best of my life. I like you and only you”.

:: “I would like to kiss every inch of you. Saying I love you and I cannot live without you. I want you to be only mine and I want to have you always by my side”.

:: “I like to know the love with you, I like you to do not have any respect for me, and with you I feel like a complete man, without you I am a lost ship without any reason to go on”.

:: “I like to know the love with you, I like you to do not have any respect for me, and with you I feel like a complete man, without you I am a lost ship without any reason to go on”.Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend.#RomanticQuotes

I like you text messages

:: “For you I can give up my own life because you are everything for me. I take a deep breath each time I see you and I even follow you lingering smell over the streets”.

:: “I like to dance with you and feel you skin near to mine. I like your hands, when I say hi to you; I sweat, because I feel nervous just to think I can touch your soul”.

:: “I like to show you some details coming from the bottom of my soul, give you tickles when you are on bed, and scream at you I love you so much!”

:: “I like to be with you, going out with you, living with you, sleeping with you and even dream about you. I really like all those things”.Pure love messages & romantic quotes.#RomanticQuotes

I like you quotes for her

:: “I really like your dreams, everything you think about, everything you do, I like you because you are perfect, and I like what you are wearing, because either way you will look nice”.

:: “The very first time I saw you, I really liked you so I wanted to learn you name immediately, I liked you that much I did not know where to go anymore, but I walked to you slowly and you did bite the bate”.

:: “I like to see you laughing, I really like you flirting style, what I feel for you is growing up each day my love”.

:: “I like you so much I cannot even hide it anymore, it may be the look on your eyes or the your way of being with me, but the truth is I am dying to be your girlfriend and I do not want to be you friend anymore”.Download thoughts of love to share by Instagram.#RomanticQuotes

Romantic messages
for your loved one

:: “I cannot wait any longer to give you a kiss, I like you so much and it look like you already know it; for you little mouth I would kill for. You know it, I love you”.

:: “I like you so much; I like you that much you cannot even imagine it. I truly like you; you are the new owner of my heart”.

:: “I totally like you, you are my dream come true, do not go away from my life, do not deny me the chance to give you my soul”.

:: “I like to say that I like you and I love you, the truth is I like you for thousands of reasons, I really want you just for me”.Find best sweet & romantic text messages with images for girlfriend.#RomanticQuotes

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